Karma Dream Meaning

Karma Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Karma in the dream?

Karma is the idea that all actions have actions have an equal and opposite reactions that follow our soul through lifetimes and reincarnations until our debt is paid. Karma is basically the idea that if you do bad things in your life, bad things will happen to you. Dreaming about karma is usually an indication that one or more of your debts will soon be paid.

To dream of the karma is complex and very useful to be convinced of the forces that surround the individual from your birth. The karma symbolizes the relationship cause-effect in summary, the conscience of that carried out and its answer now and always.

Dreaming of the karma and their advice like law is alerted of errors, inadequate behaviors with the fellow-being or of the false pardon.

If you dream of the karma and their link with the Universe you will receive a sign of strong and convincing intuition for the personal elevation from you to the pure potential.Besides, the dream about the karma it points out the necessity to be careful in your decisions, of to take ethical and deliberate steps and to stay the more far from the hate and the envy. The consequences of your decisions made by you have an answer that will always be transcendental for you and your things.

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