Jeans Dream Meaning

Jeans Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Jeans in the dream?

Jeans can represent fashion or work. Generally, they indicate outside or casual work. Dreaming about wearing jeans indicates that you are taking a project or topic too seriously and that taking a more casual or playful route will bring a more successful resolution to it. Many times the best activities to promote great ideas that are synergistic with groups or relationships are playful ones that create a game-like atmosphere.

If you dream about jeans it means that this is precisely the energy that you need to harness to be successful.

To dream of seeing denim jeans represents a casual degree of discipline. A comfortable or casual attitude towards goals. Focus, discipline, or willpower that is comfortable not overly concerned. Your ability to persevere without worrying about anything.

To dream of jeans implies a recompense deserved by the strength and the resistance to the difficulties that happen continually. The jeans symbolizes the force and the quality of all that is durable and only.

Dreaming of jeans placed on your bed is omened very good results in your work for your experience.

If you dream of jeans hung in the back yard of your house you will begin the managements to buy a new house for the family.Of course, this dream goes to indicate an uncomfortable encounter with a well-know person but that you will be able to manage with wisdom and patience. The emotion and the correct focus they will always be able to sum up the premonitions of this dream messenger of the resistance.

Wearing jeans in your dream may simply be a reflection of protection, identity and how you navigate in life. Many clues will unfold as you may notice the color, style or if they are ripped or not in your dream.

If your jeans are ripped it suggest parts about the worn down parts of your movements that need to be changed. Alternatively, jeans might be a play on words for “genes”, the basic physical and functional unit of heredity.

Red jeans

The red jeans in your dream represent a desired lifestyle. You may have been thinking about changing your ways of life and wondering about what it is like to live a certain way. Red is the color of passion, so perhaps this desire may have something to do with a long-held dream or aspiration. Merely holding the red jeans and not trying them on likely reveals your pragmatic nature. In theory, it may seem tempting to pursue your passion, yet your reality tells you it may be an impractical move.

Red jeans

Dreaming about trying on old clothes belonging to someone you know could mean that there is something in this person’s life which parallels your current situation and so you refer back to them in order to have some sort of example, a paradigm that you can either follow or avoid. Since you mentioned that the leggings belonged to a very rich and divorced lady in your home town, it could mean that there are certain aspects of her life that you want to relate to, maybe a way of being, a certain freedom or style. You imagine yourself wearing her clothes in order to relate to her on some level. However, this does not mean that the person is a role model. It could just as easily be a warning to go your own way and stop imitating others.

Used jeans turning into leggings

Seeing your deceased husband is traditionally considered a sign that your behavior in wake life may need to be reexamined, as others may be perceiving your words or actions differently than you intend. His asking you to take in a pair of jeans that are too big is telling. It suggests that you are possibly blowing a situation out of proportion or leaning towards extremes in arguments. Rather than focusing on the facts or trying to find a compromise in the middle, you may be unconsciously acting emotionally instead of with your rational thoughts.

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