Jealousy Dream Meaning

Jealousy Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Jealousy in the dream?

To dream of jealousy represents your anxiety or concern that some area of your life will be too powerful for you. You may fear that someone or something will get out of control or embarrass you.

Dreaming of jealousies is expressed the limitation to make something important or the doubt of making an inevitable decision. The jealousies mean a premonition of contradictory content to be sign of selfishness, envies or control on something or somebody. With the result that to dream of jealousies can advance conflicts or crashes with matters that they need of love and understanding.

If you dream of jealousies between your friends you will alert to the colleagues about the quality of the work in your company front to the competition.Actually, this dream points out direction, forces and precision of something that cannot be postponed of benefit community or collective generally. Here the social thing reduces the negative or contradictory load of this premonition.

Dreams of jealousy is often a representation of your own unconscious feelings of inadequacy.

If your friend becomes jealous of you in your dream it may mirror actual unconscious feelings or behaviors that are projected on you.

If you are jealous of a friend in your dream it suggest you are unable to admit you admire these traits that you want within yourself.

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