Jail Dream Meaning

Jail Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Jail in the dream?

If you dream of jail it shows your taste and pleasure for illegal activities and frauds.

Dreaming of being in jail indicates your fear of failing in life and go to bankrupt.

If you dream in jail and you visualize yourself in you may feel you are rushed of your feet with work or burdened with debts that make you sick. Jail dream and visualizing rapist people in, it could mean that you need to experience the power and dominance on other people’s behavior, however for the people you are the rapist. The fear of facing the justice worries you all the time and you feel that you are persecuted.

To dream of jail indicates you are on the edge of abyss and you are trapped, waiting for someone´s decision on you.

Dreaming of jails are metaphoric for what might be going on in your life at the moment. Jail in dreams often manifest as emotions, relationships or personal mobility that is restricted. The police act as symbols of authority, something that has power over your movements. Inside the jail is the time the dreamer reflects and changes when he or she gets out.

Being in jail in a dream can mean several things. On one hand, you may feel unjustly accused of something or limited in some way. The jail can also symbolize your own sense of self condemnation. It can personify a type of guilt that has trapped your free expression. Visiting someone in jail can be a way of exploring what this person represents for you – an old partner can symbolize the power of self-acceptance you have given to them, which is currently restrained. A parent can personify self limiting ideas that you adopted from them. The jail suggests that some aspect of your free and self assured behavior is currently ‘locked up.’

A jail from a distance

Seeing a jail from a distance suggests narrowly avoiding a bad situation as a result of your careless decision-making.

If you see light coming from the barred windows of the cells, then it means luck is on your side. Thanks to the combined factors of luck and quick thinking, you would be able to avoid getting involved in a potentially inconvenient and life-altering predicament.

A jail from a distance

Finding yourself locked up in jail or incarcerated is a foreboding of a negative turn of events. For instance, if you are working on projects or business ventures, they may not yield enough income or fail to take off. Alternatively, on a personal level, perhaps your significant other or someone close to you is hiding pertinent information from you. These secrets could potentially create irreparable damage in your relationship with this individual.

Yourself in jail

Being able to avoid being jailed or incarcerated alludes to a successful return on investment. Whatever projects or ventures you are working on at the moment would become a lucrative source of income in your future. Once successfully implemented or accomplished, your innovative ideas and strategic decison-making would build a sturdy foundation which would give you great gains for years to come.

Avoiding being in jail

Seeing someone you know locked up in jail in the dream world suggests the great lengths you would go to help out this person in his or her time of need. Whether it is to get this individual out of trouble or to help achieve particular goals, it seems as if your fates would become interconnected in reality. As such, you would become highly invested in his or her success and well-being.

Someone you know in jail

Seeing your boyfriend or significant other jailed in your dream suggests a rough patch in your relationship. You could get into an argument or disagreement because of eroding mutual trust. Perhaps you are questioning his commitment and love towards you. However, if you see him getting out of jail, it means you would soon resolve any problems you may have been dealing with. It is a positive message that you would overcome whatever challenges would come your way.

Your boyfriend in jail

Seeing a jail depicted as a building in your dream suggests the discovery of some sensitive information. You would have the burden of keeping this to yourself which would cause a lot of stress and emotional issues. This secret could shatter long-held illusions about something or someone close to you and if anybody finds out about it, it would most likely cause a lot of grief and disappointments for everyone involved.

Jail as a building

Dreaming about being in jail while looking out through the slats of iron on your jail cell’s window alludes to a state of being powerless. You could be under threat of being used as a pawn in somebody’s selfish agenda. In hindsight, you would wonder how someone could have manipulated you into doing something uncharacteristic or against your personal beliefs. Either this person holds significant influence and power over you or you are too trusting for your own good. Either way, if you continue being passive, you risk getting yourself involved in a very sticky situation, with you at the losing end.

Peeking through a jail window

Dreaming of escaping or breaking out of jail reveals your desire to break free from a bad situation. You may be in a suffocating or controlling relationship and you wish to regain back your freedom and be able to have free rein in making decisions. Alternatively, this vision can also serve as a warning about the negative ramifications of certain careless decisions or errors you may have made in the past. The consequences of those actions would soon catch up with you and you would have to deal with them at present.

Trying to break out of jail

Having a dream where a close family member, like a parent or sibling, is in jail or prison could be the manifestation of the control you exert over this person in wake life. More specifically, seeing this person incarcerated suggests you exert power over their thoughts and actions, much like a prison guard controls inmates in a cell. In this way, your vision is a glimpse at self-reflection, so that you can think about your influence on them and ask yourself whether you are abusing their trust or respect in some way.

A close family member in jail

Helping a friend or family member escape from jail during the course of a dream vision is often thought to signify internal feelings of loss or isolation. In some ways, going through the trouble to help someone break out of jail or prison represents the depths of your desolation and the lengths you would go to to connect with others.

If you have experienced this symbol within your vision, it would be wise to seek help and companionship before the solitude drives you deeper into despair.

Freeing someone from jail

If you are a businessman or woman and currently running a large-scale project or making a proposal, seeing a jail cell in a dream vision is actually a highly auspicious symbol despite the negative connotations of wake life. It predicts your endeavors meeting with great success, earning you both profits for the company and the admiration of your colleagues and superiors.

Jail for business people

For a young, unmarried man, dreaming about being in or visiting a jail during a dream vision is actually a positive sign in regards to romantic endeavors. Specifically, this means that the woman you are attracted to may soon come around and return your affections.

If you have been unsure about confessing your feelings before this vision, your dream could be a subconscious sign that now is the time to act and express your feelings to her sincerely.

Jail for young men

Dreaming of a jail for women who have lost their husband at some point are often thought to represent their hope of meeting someone whom she can build a new life with. A widow, upon experiencing this symbol in a dream vision, should consider her happiness and look forward to meeting someone who can be just as special to her as her dearly departed husband was.

Jail for widows

A jail, in general, tends to point feeling limited in ability or choices and, in some cases, feeling trapped in a certain place in your life. In many cases the reason the dreamer feels unable to grow or leave is due to their own lack of motivation to improve, suggesting the dreamer has built their own cage to live in. While this interpretation carries a slightly negative connotation, it can also be a good thing as well. For example, it can symbolize a desire to curtail certain inappropriate behavior or show deference to bad choices and decisions made by others.

Jail in general

Dreaming about a jail cell in particular could represent the pressure or stress that you are currently experiencing at the hands of those above you, either a boss, superior or elder. In this case, the cell is the manifestation of you feeling trapped in this difficult situation, unable to get out from under that person’s or group’s thumb. You may feel very limited in your ability to act and be upset at your failure to advocate for yourself.

A jail cell

Dying in a jail cell, whether it is at the hands of others or by your own doing, is in reality a fairly positive image to come across during the course of a dream vision. It predicts that whatever issue is currently blocking your path can now be resolved and moved past either by your own actions or through the intervention provided by others.

Dying in jail

Being thrown in jail and coming face to face with the harsh reality of life on the inside is actually an auspicious symbol to see in dream visions. Terrible conditions, like detestable treatment, poor food, and lack of cleanliness, represent your power and smarts which allow you to overcome challenges and get things done the way you want. The worse the conditions you witnessed, the more success you can achieve.

Intolerable jail conditions

Dreaming that your dad is released from jail is an indication of your immaturity. You tend to depend heavily on other people, especially your parents, to bail you out when you have no money to pay for rent or use their credit card to buy concert tickets. This also goes hand in hand with how others treat you. Perhaps you have been bullied as a kid, even by members of your family, so you always run to elders to seek help. Others may not take you seriously and do not trust you to handle adult responsibilities, hence they enable your dependency. So, in effect, their behavior towards you is factoring in and dwarfing your personal growth.

Dad released from jail

Being in jail during a dream vision, whether you are sitting in a holding cell or already in an orange jumpsuit, is an ill omen for your future projects and ventures. Traditional sources suggest incarceration is a forced halt to productivity and progress. As such, channeling this image in your dreamscape alludes to a subconscious feeling that something you are working on in reality would not come to pass. An attempt to build a side hustle as a social media influencer or home business may not garner enough interest to stay afloat. Alternatively, your effort to get to know someone could push them further away from you, especially if you are interested in a romantic connection.

Being in jail

Envisioning yourself on your way to jail, after getting arrested or maybe to visit a prisoner, means there is a threat to your freedom. You believe that an upcoming development or pending decision will limit your mobility or curtail your independence. For example, if you are engaged, then it reveals your negative view about settling down. On the other hand, Hinduism associates jail or prison as a metaphor for punishment. Perhaps you feel guilty about recent transgressions and your subconscious is encouraging you to come clean or take responsibility for your actions.

Going to jail

Seeing someone get arrested and go to jail reveals your concern for someone who is going down a bad path. This imagery suggests a family member or a close friend may be involved with illegal activities or engaged in risky behaviors. Hinduism associates jail with punishment, which means you may have to get someone out of trouble. This could mean bailing someone out from jail, provide an alibi or lend money to get a friend out of debt.

Someone going to jail

Being sent to jail in a dream vision, whether you are innocent or guilty, is an ominous symbol to perceive. It is a harbinger of misfortune and troubles to come, particularly in areas of your life where you were hoping for success or progress. In your personal life, this could refer to getting close to a special someone only to be suddenly and cruelly rejected. In your career, this vision may manifest as a lost opportunity to move up in your field or take advantage of a networking event.

Being sent to jail

Jungian sources often attribute the image of escaping from jail or imprisonment as a reflection of your need to break away from something holding you back. Moving away from this restriction would allow you more time and freedom to be yourself. For instance, you may be spending too much time at work or worrying about something beyond your control. Rather than being bogged down by these things, you should try to redirect some of your time and energy toward projects that improve you as a person.

Escaping jail

Dreaming about seeing yourself in jail or being incarcerated is an indication that your life is soon going to take a turn for the worse. Plans or projects you may currently be working on would never materialize or yield any positive outcomes. It is also symbolic of some unspoken deed or withholding information from your current romantic partner. Hence, your jail time in the dream alludes to the sense of isolation you feel because of the secrets you keep. Carrying this burden by yourself would make you confront the darkest and often violent aspects of your psyche. With no outlet or venue for catharsis, you would end up stewing in a negative whirlpool of emotions as indicated by the bowl of lava. You may end up being desensitized or become numb by self-loathing. Unfortunately, if you keep carrying problems on your own, you may end up transforming into someone you do not even recognize, and possibly alienate your loved ones in the process.

Falling in love while in jail

Breaking out of jail in a dream vision can be interpreted as a symbol of your desire to break free from certain bad habits or tendencies. Using the toilet for your escape may point toward an issue with money, suggesting that you seek to improve your spending or saving habits. However, trying to sneak back into the jail at the end of the dream could represent your unwillingness to make this change yet. While your situation may not be bad enough to require a complete overhaul of your finances, the sooner you get on the right track the better off you would be in the future.

Escaping from jail using a toilet

Dreaming of visiting a relative inside a penitentiary or some other type of prison is an ominous symbol of upcoming negative events. This cousin may be a representation of someone close to you who you think is harmless and possibly even idolizes you. This tendency to underestimate this person could backfire on you as illustrated by the knife the women-hating guy used in the dream to try to kill you. There is a possibility that a family member or confidante would end up betraying you if he or she starts to resent your tendency to be condescending or manipulative.

Being chased while visiting jail

Being in jail tends to point to feeling limited in abilities or choices and, oftentimes, being trapped in a certain place in your life. In many cases, the reason the dreamer feels unable to grow or change is due to their own lack of motivation to improve, suggesting he or she has built their own cage to live in. While this interpretation carries a slightly negative connotation, it can also be a good thing as well. For example, it can symbolize a desire to curtail certain inappropriate behavior or express objection to bad choices and decisions made by others.

If the lawyers you mentioned in your dream were defending you, that could be a good sign that you will be able to depend on those who care about you when you need help through tough times.

In jail with death penalty

Dreaming about yourself in jail usually foretells some challenging, if not insurmountable, events coming your way, such as failures while working on a project which is important to you or miscommunication between yourself and a loved one. Usually, dreams about being locked up mean you are distancing yourself from others around you in real life for reasons known to you. Because your dream was about being released from jail, it could mean you are looking for opportunities to spend more time with others and you are getting ready to face the world, but on your own terms.

Being let out of jail

Dreaming that a loved one is being released from jail means you would soon experience significant changes in reality. You may finally find an opportunity to improve your life circumstances, whether it is work-related or something more personal. The act of running over or hitting someone while in a car reveals your determination to succeed no matter what it takes. Specifically, you may end up hurting someone or crushing someone else’s dream in order to get ahead. The notion that it was someone famous means you have no remorse about your current or future actions.

Getting into a car accident upon release from jail

Based on your dream, it seems that your boyfriend’s incarceration is taking its toll on your relationship with him and your own well-being. You feel an urge to be close to him, but at the same time you seem to be conflicted about it and that is why you dreamed about your boyfriend ending up in court again for it, as if you were punishing yourself all over again. Also, the notion about your mom asking if you could stay another week could mean you sense that your close relatives are not happy about this situation but cannot provide any help or support you need. You seem to be suffering a lot because of your boyfriend and you can see the impact it has had on your other personal relationships.

Being teleported in boyfriend’s jail cell

Going to jail in a dream, or turning yourself in, depicts shame and guilt. There may be tremendous trouble ahead which for the most part is a result of your own negligence or irresponsibility. This problem may be a personal one, especially involving your girlfriend. Perhaps you have broken her trust or you committed a mistake which you think could damage your relationship. So there may be a part of you that is afraid of coming clean because you think your girlfriend would seek to get even with you. It is up to you to ensure that communication lines are open in case problems are in fact currently brewing between the two of you.

Girlfriend promising to wait while in jail

Dreaming that someone has been released from jail can convey either a negative or positive interpretation based on the identity of the person and your reaction to this news or development. For instance, if the person who is out of jail is someone who is scary or intimidating in reality, then this means you need to be on your guard for a possible attack. This person could humiliate you in public or an enemy could start a smear campaign against you. On the other hand, if being freed from jail is good news, then you can expect all your problems, or at least the major causes of your stress, to go away.

Someone released from jail

A dream about being released from jail or getting out of jail usually means the dreamer is looking forward to spending more time with loved ones and getting ready to face the world on their own terms. In the case of your friend, being locked up has likely allowed her to re-evaluate her priorities and figure out what she values most in her life. As such, achieving freedom from prison means she is excited to start fresh and make better choices once she gets out.

A friend getting out of jail

Jails and prisons are normally dreamed of as a response to stress, especially when one feels they have little choice or few options to deal with a bleak, difficult future. It could be that your present situation is causing some feelings of anxiety and unrest, leading to this particular imagery. The open door, however, points toward someone on the other side of this negative situation who is helping you get through these challenging times. In many cases this refers to a partner, spouse or lover, but through this vision it could also point toward a parent, mentor or friend too. This vision may be a reminder to not get caught up in all the drama of everyday life and to remember those who have helped and continue to help you each day of your life.

An open jail door

Being taken away by police to go to jail is a special type of symbol in the realm of dream visions because it often means you have time to correct some mistake or avoid a negative outcome. In this case, being taken by the police to jail represents receiving a lucrative offer or special allowance that could be exciting, interesting or useful to you. However, whether or not it benefits you and your life would depend on how careful you are with the information you receive or the project you are given. Careful, thorough work and good judgement could yield excellent results, while lazy, unfinished work or poor decisions could get you in a lot of trouble.

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