J Letter Dream Meaning

J Letter Dream Meaning

What does it meaning J Letter in the dream?

The J letter in a dream is symbolic to change your mind, to take a new address or to reorient your road for the life inside of or outside of your community or country. The J letter symbolizes justice, accuracy, precision and clear vision of future.

If you dream of the J letter embroidered in the clothes of a famous artist you will feel a strong desire to see, to know and to travel to another country to know how the life is over there.

Dreaming of the J letter painted in the wall of a building of your city seeks advice to maintain your attention in the changes of your company at the moment.As a matter of fact, the dream about the J letter is a convocation or a reflection about the change in all its variants to build and to grow. It will be a help if you are reflexive and assume the challenge of any change, including the trip to another country.

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