Ivory Dream Meaning

Ivory Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Ivory in the dream?

To dream of ivory represents feelings about some area of your life being impossible to be considered dangerous or negative. A wish to feel that your reputation is perfect or that people see you in a perfect light. A wish to be viewed as perfect or incorruptible. Jealousy anyone telling you that you did a single thing wrong in your life. Setting an example of perfect integrity for others. Unquestionable respectability. Issues with moral superiority.

To dream of an ivory decoration means power, might and longevity in your life for always. A game of ivory chess in a dream demonstrates you ability to go out of a complicated conflict with intelligence and speed.

Dreaming of ivory earrings is omened health, it forces and prosperity to assume projects taken a risk in your business.

If you dreams of the keys of ivory of a piano it confirms that the possibility of the success of your creative business is very close.Exactly, the dream about the cane of your grandfather’s ivory announces you a next very wanted conquest of love. This dream offers possibilities from a great creation when elaborating ideas, projects or business.

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