Intercourse Dream Meaning

Intercourse Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Intercourse in the dream?

Since dreams allow for the free exploration of feelings, it is common to dream of sharing affection, sex or intimacy with people other than your mate. As you ‘role play’ by experiencing the different aspects of yourself, this can be portrayed by various characters, where you sometimes behave in a masculine way (mounting/dominating) another masculine character (your aggressive and assertive nature.) You are merely exploring your desire to be more aggressive.

You may dream of being unusually sensitive or affectionate with another woman, or in a feminine way, as a way of ‘embracing’ or exploring the idea of increased sensitivity within you, regardless of your sex. The side of you this person represents and how you approach them in the dream, will feel ‘clandestine,’ only in proportion to how you are currently not ‘embracing’ or integrating this side of yourself in waking life

Someone watching while having intercourse

Your girlfriend’s vision suggests the two of you might have some unresolved issues that are making things a little uncomfortable in the bedroom. Sex with a current partner in dreams often alludes to feelings of unease or inadequacy, while an unrecognized observer is often seen by those experiencing communication issues. Perhaps your girlfriend is feeling self-conscious and needs some reassuring that you find her attractive and desirable.

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