Insurance Dream Meaning

Insurance Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Insurance in the dream?

Insurance is a very modern and utilitarian item, and as such can be a complicated dream symbol. The meaning of insurance in your dream depends largely on your own experiences with insurance in your waking life. For instance, many people associate insurance with safety and being taken care of, even if the worst happens.
If you are among these people, then your dream about insurance represents this sense of security and not having to worry about catastrophes because you will be taken care of. However, if you are forced to buy insurance by your government and do not want to, then your insurance dream likely signifies coercion on the outside, and possibly even enforced dependence, if you believe that you should be able to take care of yourself without outside assistance.

To dream of buying insurance represents feelings about wishing to avoid embarrassing yourself. Relationships or situations with a backup plan or collateral. Alternative choices that are always available to you. A fear of losing. A heightened need for security. A “just in case” mindset. A wish to avoid anything careless.

Dreaming of an insurance is represented the protection of your more important matters as the care of the family, the trust in your friends and the strength of your patrimony. An insurance means the estrangement of all fear or paranoia or to meditate each step to give.

If you dream of an insurance of life it had signed for your parents many years ago you will be able to enjoy the prosperity and the peace in your home.

To dream of an insurance against fires hired by a friend is expressed the stability of your loan to buy your house.Likewise, this dream doesn’t eliminate a difficulty or a problem but if it can notice in advance for not to lose time and to make the best decision about it. Anything will be excluded but anything will be specified in a photographic way too.

Are you insecure? Dreaming of insurance indicates that you need something to prove to you that you are safe in the situation you are presently facing.

Negotiating an insurance policy in a dream brings forward issues related to security.

If you have an accident and find out your insurance doesn’t cover it, you may feel that you are setting goals that are unrealistic. The insurance policy can be understood in terms of what you are investing symbolically to ensure your success. Generally this type of dream is teaching you to be honest in understanding your capabilities.

If the dream is resolved by getting insurance money, the message can suggest that you have more reserves (in terms of capabilities/self-esteem) than you thought possible. Insurance related to the home can embody the idea that life is a learning experience that requires continual transformation. Insurance related to the car revolves around the issue of drive and motivation. Insurance related to health can have a more literal message about the need to care for your body.

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