Ice Cream Sandwich Dream Meaning

Ice Cream Sandwich Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Ice Cream Sandwich in the dream?

To dream of a ice cream sandwich represents feelings that being comfortable or taken care of is mandatory. Not caring about anyone else’s feelings in order to feel better about yourself. Treating yourself during a bad time or crisis to order to keep feel comforted. Feeling comforted in knowing that you did the best you could with a problem. Insensitive methods of making yourself feel better.

Dreaming of a strawberry ice cream sandwich is suggested prosperity in your business and satisfactory changes in your bank bill.

If you dream of ice cream sandwich of chocolate it expresses that your affective relationships are in very good moment.

To dream of coconut ice cream sandwich means the necessity to maintain a spiritual balance to be able to enjoy the opportunities that are presented in your life. Ice cream sandwich in a dream symbolizes abundance of sweetness and desires of giving a lot of affection to your children.Sumarity, the dream about ice cream sandwich of vanilla means your creative qualities and the capacity to wait the opportune moment to act.

If in the dream you go as a ice cream sandwich you melts in your hands it indicates that frequently it wastes some opportunities that difficultly will repeat.

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