Hydrant Dream Meaning

Hydrant Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Hydrant in the dream?

A hydrant is an amplified dream symbol for water. Water is a purifying and nourishing symbol in your dreams. A hydrant, with its incredibly strong and forceful jet of water, represents a cleansing element that can be highly destructive in its power.
To dream that a hydrant is open and that water is pouring out can also be a sign of wasted energy, especially if you find yourself identifying with the hydrant. You may have friends, coworkers, or family members who are draining your energy, and you feel that you are pouring yourself out for them and receiving nothing in return.

A fire hydrant holds water so that it could supply the mains. Therefore seeing one in your dream is a good symbol, it represents a fresh beginning in your life.

If the fire hydrant

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