Hot Tub Dream Meaning

Hot Tub Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Hot Tub in the dream?

To dream of a hot tub represents negative thoughts, emotions, or habits that are comfortable, pleasurable, or leisurely. Where as a hot water tank symbolizes very powerful negative thinking patterns that influence your life such as fears, a hot tub reflects more desirous or pleasurable negative thinking patterns. A common symbol for masturbation or viewing pornography. It may also reflect your enjoyment of situation that you know is wrong.

When imagining the enjoyment of a hot tub with vapor in a dream it is represented the whole possibilities and opportunities that you will have very soon. A hot tub means rest, relaxation and confirmation of prosperity in the near future.

Dreaming of a hot tub old and of wood outside of a cabin is omened a telephone call that it will change your life totally.

If you dream of a hot tub very modern and located in your basement you will be able to rest some days in a very good spa.Just so, to dream of a hot tub will express the comfort of your life after lingering sacrifices, works and savings continuous. With this premonition it is noticed the early and fair rest, without illnesses.

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