Hot Air Balloon Dream Meaning

Hot Air Balloon Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Hot Air Balloon in the dream?

Dreaming of a ride in a hot air balloon is a symbol of freedom and excitement. As with all transportation dreams, this indicates something about your experience of working towards your goals and travelling on your personal journey. However, a hot air balloon is an unusual and unconventional mode of travel. You have a great vantage point from your hot air balloon, and can see many different outcomes of your different actions.
The different things that you see from the hot air balloon therefore often represent different possibilities for your life, based on the choices you make now. Each one of those symbols will need to be explored in turn to determine the full meaning of your dream.

To dream of a hot air balloon represents feelings of social elevation, popularity, or fame. Emotional elevation for a short period of time. Feeling good being a bigger, better, or more intelligent person than other people. The ease with which you “rise above” a situation or other people. Looking at life in a more positive or confident way than other people. Enjoying rising above your problems.

To dream of a hot air balloon represents high creativity of ideas or great emotion for a personal positive situation. A hot air balloon symbolizes domain of that not knowable or labor ascent next.

If you dream of hot air balloon of green brilliant color you will assume new responsibilities to ascend in your company.

Dreaming of a hot air balloon with diverse colors and of great size is expressed your success by the project presented before your directive the last week. The dream about hot air balloon could reflect recognition to yours experiences and maturity shown in the last situations fixed by you.

If a hot air balloon you observe it on the sea it will avoid a crash or next problem for lack understanding of other colleagues.

These are positive dream symbols that lets you know that your anger has left. It shows moving forward or elevating from a situation or people – moving up on the social ladder.

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