Horses Dream Meaning

Horses Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Horses in the dream?

To dream of a horse represents ambition and strong drives. Stamina, endurance, or your capacity for hard work. Horses can also represent your sexual drive and libido. Horses often appear in dreams of people who work very hard, students that are very driven, people with very strong sexual interests, or anyone who is very motivated. Pushing ahead hard for your goals.

To dream of Arab horses means an alert or edginess for some news that wants, but that not yet it arrives. White horses parading in your neighborhood’s fair is symbolizes prosperity that will allow you to travel and to enjoy comforts and material values.

Dreaming of horses ponies riding with children in a park represents calm days and without concerns.

If you dream of a career of horses in your city it represents symbol of force to triumph and health to enjoy the life, that which speaks of a good future.Of course, if several partners ride in black horses in a day of field it indicates wide prosperity and important friendships. But if the horses are hurt in the dream it insinuates that soon difficulties will be presented in the matters that are managing or that some friend requires your help.

Horses in dream connect the dreamer to their unconscious masculine side that directs them towards inner strength, power, endurance, virility and sexual prowess. When you are horseback riding it may connect to the male sexual organ that reflects “sex drive” or “passion” that is in full power. Unless the horse is injured in your dream that reflects these unconsous traits, horse are often very powerful symbols.

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