Honey Dream Meaning

Honey Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Honey in the dream?

To dream of honey represents generosity. Situations where you or someone else is perfectly wonderful or giving. Going all out to let someone else feel good or do everything for them.

The honey demonstrates the sweetness and the pleasant of the life, of the nature and often of the relatives and friends totally.

To dream of the honey indicates honesty, communication, love and permanent pleasure.

Dreaming of the honey of yellow brilliant color on the table of the dining room of your home it omens amusing and happy festivity in your house.

If you dream of the honey of dark and opaque color you will check the quality of your colleagues in a complex work that you will carry out in a collective way.Likewise, the honey has always been in a dream recognition and charm symbol and sensuality for all couple that wants to take care of its loving relationship. But, the dream can be the opposite if you are not communicative and worried in your things and in those of your couple.

Dreaming of honey is a powerful symbol that implies you will reap the benefits from the past hard work. Bees are known to be symbols of wealth, luck and prosperity – a sign you have already attracted this energy towards you. Another positive symbol would be the dreamer collecting honey which signifies abundance and richness that can be applied to both your inner and outer worlds.

Associated with the ‘birds and bees,’ honey can symbolize the ‘sticky, but sweet’ nature of sexuality. Honey is also a symbol of reward for embarking in a new direction

Honey in general

Honey as a dream symbol generally refers to wealth and financial freedom. The raw honey in your dream vision may be inside a jar or spread over a piece of toast or bread. These types of dream imagery of honey bode well for your finances. Even without much struggle, you would receive a lot of earnings and profit from your investments and business ventures. This would allow you to build a comfortable life for yourself and your loved ones. Being well off would also give you the freedom to pursue your passions.

Honey in general

Refined honey, as in processed honey with added flavors and sweeteners or pasteurized for purification purposes, refers to your desire to achieve something more than your already prosperous and satisfying life. You may constantly seek better opportunities or a higher social status because of your driven nature. However, this inability to find pleasure and contentment in what you have means happiness may be an elusive thing for you. These moments could make it hard for others to be around you.

Refined honey

Eating honey in your dreams, in your cereal or straight from the honey jar, means that you would be able to achieve your current goal or priority, whether it is to have a prosperous life or finding your true love.

If you are currently dating somebody, you may soon find the one you would marry and build a happy family with. On the other hand, if you are unhappy and dissatisfied with your current job, then perhaps this dream symbol is telling you to move on to a better-paying one or much more satisfying work.

Eating honey

To dream of buying and eating honey, such as in a supermarket or grocery, means you already have a healthy and satisfactory sex life. Unfortunately, this may not be the case for your partner. Perhaps you are so focused on your own satisfaction and pleasure that you forget to consider the needs and sexual desires of your partner.

Maybe you need to spice things up for the both of you. Who knows, you may even discover that you enjoy these new and novel ways of making intimate moments more exciting.

Buying and eating honey

Eating fresh honey from the farmer’s market or freshly-extracted honey from a beehive symbolizes a high sex drive. You may have a lot of unspent energy which you channel into sex, but this may not be enough. This dream symbol refers to the possibility of you having new and more risky sexual experiences, perhaps even with multiple partners just to satisfy the urge. Be careful not go overboard though, this dream symbol may also be urging you to know your limits in case something goes off the rails.

Eating fresh honey

Eating hardened honey, such as honey in candy form or honey that has been frozen because you placed it inside a freezer, indicates a tendency to focus on financial matters. You could be naturally thrifty and obsessive, so this combination of quirks means you are drawn to tasks involving budgeting, saving and accounting. While this may seem tedious to others, you actually find satisfaction in it. Fortunately for you, a thorough documentation of your assets and expenses allows you to have stable finances.

Eating hardened honey

Envisioning yourself collecting honey from a beehive, in normal clothing or a full body beekeeping suit to avoid getting stung, points to the beginning or the initial phase of a project or business venture. In a short period of time, you could be thrust in a very unfamiliar situation which would require you to adapt fast. This may be exhilarating and frightening at the same time, but it would allow you to learn a lot of new skills and meet a lot of new people who would become a part of your life for a long time.

Collecting honey from a beehive

Honeycomb, such as seeing one up close or holding it in your hands while you are in a bee farm, symbolizes goal-setting and ambition. You probably have well-defined targets and goals leading to your ultimate dream. For the moment, this dream symbol further affirms your ability to make the right decision even in the face of tough situations. When faced with a dilemma, your structured and rational thinking are your special gifts which would allow you to overcome those obstacles, no matter how complicated.


Seeing many containers with honey inside, maybe in a supermarket or a farmer’s market selling honey products, means you would soon enter a worry-free and prosperous period. Things would seemingly start to fall into place and you would find yourself enjoying a peaceful existence, a loving relationship and a fulfilling career. Problems and concerns are relatively minor if not totally non-existent, so there is plenty of time to grow, be grateful and give back to people who may be going through a rough patch.

Many containers with honey around

Treating someone with honey, such as buying them food with honey or giving them a basket of honey products, means you would soon be welcoming some guests or visitors to your home. They may be your relatives whom you have not seen in a long time or perhaps tourists you are hosting for a period of time for their vacation. It could even be people from your past, like childhood friends, who are sleeping over your house instead of going to a hotel for their trip so it can also serve as a reunion.

Treating someone with honey

Eating honey that tastes bad, maybe because it has been mixed with some other organic substance that has spoiled, denotes major disappointments in relation to your close social connections. You may learn an awful truth about your family or specific members that would change the way you look at them. Friends may talk about you behind your back or spread juicy gossip without even hearing your side. Alternatively, you could be separated from your family and close friends against your will because of work or extenuating circumstances.

Honey that tastes bad

Having sticky lips while eating honey, in a restaurant as you are having dinner or during a picnic with someone else, portends the possibility of being the subject of malicious rumors and gossip. Unfortunately, these rumors may come from friends or your very own confidante. This trusted individual who knows about your deepest and darkest secrets may twist the truth and spread it around to tarnish your reputation, perhaps out of envy or in a moment of weakness while you are not on good terms.

Sticky lips while eating honey

Cooking with honey, such as adding honey to a pasta dish or using it as an alternative to sugar, points to your determination in getting a romantic prospect interested in you. You may find increasingly creative ways to catch this person’s attention and allow him or her to open up or warm up to you. You may also be wooing this person for reasons other than romance.

Maybe you want to befriend this individual because of the possibility of making useful connections and valuable opportunities for yourself.

Cooking with honey

The dream image of a fly that got stuck in honey, maybe the honey spread over a piece of bread or an open jar of honey, means someone is trying to take credit for your work. After working hard on an assignment or doing the necessary research, a colleague or team member may report your achievements to your boss and pass it off as their own. This may be a reminder for you to be more assertive at work or else cunning personalities would take advantage of your meekness or passivity.

A fly stuck in honey

Selling honey in a dream vision, maybe with neatly sealed jars of honey displayed on your stand at the farmer’s market, illustrates your resourcefulness. It means that you would find ways to supplement your income to make your life more prosperous.

Maybe you have lots of ideas for business ventures or you are always thinking of innovative ways to earn more or get the most out of any situation. As such, selling honey represents your own efforts at attracting either good karma or financial rewards.

Selling honey

Tasting honey that has a bitter taste, perhaps because it has been contaminated or something went wrong during the processing or purification, means you may have to approach strangers for support. You could be planning to put up a business and you would have to pitch your project to potential investors for sufficient funding. This would be especially difficult if you are not used to talking to influential people or you are introverted. Fortunately, if you have a good product or a solid plan, it would make up for a shaky pitch.

Honey bitter in taste

Encountering a bear that is trying to take honeycombs, attached to a tall tree or the side of a rocky and jagged cliff, points to the possibility of encountering rude people inside or outside of work.

If these individuals are colleagues or people from the same industry, they may be trying to unsettle or rattle you as a way of undermining your skills.

If this happens outside of work, certain personalities may say disrespectful things to your face just because they are having a bad day or they are envious of your success.

A bear trying to get to honeycombs

To see honey that has been spilled on the ground, maybe in your own kitchen or at the supermarket when a customer accidentally knocks honey containers off the shelves, portends major hurdles ahead. Since honey usually has something to do with rewards and luck with money, spilled honey means possible financial constraints. You may overdo your shopping or unnecessary expenses which would make your bills balloon or likely place you in debt. Perhaps problems at work would also affect your income.

Honey spilled on the ground

If you dream that you are having trouble getting honey, like for some reason you cannot find it in your pantry or you are at a bee farm and the bees are preventing you from harvesting honey, then you may be waiting in vain to get clear answers to your questions or fulfill your current wants.

Maybe you are asking for too much and the resources you have at the moment are not enough to get it. It is also possible that what you want would not be beneficial for you in the long run, this is why nobody is helping you get it.

Unable to get honey

Drinking honey, straight from the bottle or container instead of mixing it with other food and beverage, means you are probably blessed with literary or artistic talents. Even without studying how to write or how to paint, you are able to create impressive prose or creative works that would catch the attention of even the most discerning critics.

Maybe your mind is telling you to pursue your passions and make the most of your talent because you have the potential of becoming successful at it.

Drinking honey

Extracting or taking honey from a beehive, or perhaps from an artificial mechanism used to serve as a beehive, is a very auspicious symbol about becoming wealthy. You could come across a huge sum of money from a big promotion, a job opportunity, a lucrative investment, a booming business or an unexpected inheritance.

If you manage your finances wisely and strategically, you are looking at a very prosperous future for you and your family.

Taking honey from a beehive

Observing honey slowly dripping, from a jar or leaking from a beehive or a honeycomb, suggests the stagnation or slow progress of your current project or preoccupation.

Maybe you have been working on crafts as a side project or you have been tasked with a challenging undertaking at work which is taking you ages to complete. This situation would take a lot of patience, focus and perseverance from you, but if you keep chipping away at the tasks, the sense of fulfillment will be greater in the end.

Slowly dripping honey

Seeing your fingers sticky and covered in honey, maybe because you dipped your hands in honey or you are doing it as a beauty ritual, means getting stuck on something. Perhaps you would be overcome with a feeling of ineptitude and insecurity, so you are unable to make any real progress on your work. A big obstacle may present itself and instead of looking at it as a challenge, you would end up paralyzed with fear because you do not think you have what it takes to succeed.

Fingers covered in honey

A house made of honey alludes to your hard-earned reputation. Honey is often associated with hard work and wisdom. As such, building your house using honey reveals your perseverance and determination. Your credentials are likely beyond reproach, hence your colleagues are inclined to trust your leadership and decision-making abilities. Therefore, the friendly swarm of bees, seemingly uninterested in attacking you, illustrate the trust and respect you have earned from your contemporaries. It is a good reminder that if you want people to have faith in you or admire you, you should work hard enough to deserve it.

Building a house using honey

Honey is a very auspicious dream symbol. It often means the accumulation of wealth, especially from business ventures. You are likely poised to earn a lot from your business or investments. However, honey is also sometimes associated with sweetness and meekness, so perhaps this dream is telling you to be more assertive in order to earn more or become more successful in your chosen field. The other symbols point to possible challenges you would face in your quest to becoming more prosperous and wealthy. Specifically, the blue butterfly denotes truth and the consequences of your actions. The contaminated water alludes to the gray areas of doing business in which some moral or ethical lines may be crossed. You would need to carefully weigh your options when faced with a dilemma and make sure that you can handle the negative repercussions of your decisions.

Rivers of honey and butterfly drinking water

Honey is a symbol with two distinct connotations, and both seem to be present in this vision. The first meaning is that it is a reflection of your personality and general mental state, namely that you are a positive, sweet and kind individual. This is also supported by the sensation of flight felt a bit later in the vision. The second meaning behind the symbol of honey is that it predicts an increase in wealth and prosperity, particularly in regards to work or business matters. You may soon find yourself in a better position financially and probably wish to share that with the ones who matter most to you. However, this is where the first interpretation of honey comes back into play. While you may desire to share your newfound wealth with your relatives, your naturally generous nature may allow others to walk all over you. Be careful to share only what you intend to give and do not be bullied by more assertive, selfish members of your inner circle.

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