Hedges Dream Meaning

Hedges Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Hedges in the dream?

To dream of a hedge represents an aspect of your personality that is secretive or hiding something. A person or situation that is keeping information from you or doesn’t want you noticing something. A bush may also reflect some sort of platform or “smoke screen” being used for deception.

Dreaming of hedges of trees is represented an aspect of your personality that makes it be a special and only person. To see hedges in a dream means to define, to contain or to particularize something of a person or situation.

If you dream of hedges created by tamarind trees you will be able to take care or to keep issues important and diverse of your company that they should be better.

To dream of hedges formed by cypresses expresses the content mystic, reserved or special of a project elaborated by a colleague and you.By the way, the dream about hedges is able to identify or to classify information on a problem or situation that you will have in the future. Hence, it is important to keep the whole details of this premonition without leaving anything forgotten.

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