Godfather Dream Meaning

Godfather Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Godfather in the dream?

A dream with a godfather represents adoration, advice and religious and lay authority for the Western culture generally. It is symbol of authority and prosperity for all proud godchild of the attention given by this figure. Hence, if you dream of a godfather that you know as friend you will receive good news like the birth of a new son or a new member of your family.Dreaming of a godfather of one of your children you will see be increased your commercial results or the orders to your shop or company. Likewise, the dream of a godfather of one of your nephews you will be alert to some reclamation of easy solution for you. Keep your eye on the ball and be careful.However, to dream of a godfather that you anger or question it could omen work limitations or occupation and conflicts when developing affective knots with new members of your family. When your external attitude is incorrect you will always remember the good advice of a godfather.

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