General Dream Meaning

General Dream Meaning

What does it meaning General in the dream?

Wanting to go to the ocean with a naval general

A house on a cliff often represents a brand new perspective or reaching new heights. However, there is danger or risk involved in whatever success you may experience. There is a possibility that you could lose everything with a wrong move or a bad decision. In connection to that dream symbol, the giant balls of ice refer to stagnation and paralysis.

If you do make a mistake which would risk your stability, you may find yourself stuck and terrified of chasing your dreams again. Meanwhile, ships in general symbolize journeys and transitions. So perhaps you can look forward to favorable changes or new challenges, at work or even in your personal relationships. Specifically, the naval ship and the general allude to discipline. As such, navigating new terrains, whether it is a new job opportunity or moving to another place, would require you to be disciplined and in control. Ultimately, this dream vision may be your subconscious telling you that you are ready for bigger responsibilities and possibilities that may present themselves in reality.

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