Gecko Dream Meaning

Gecko Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Gecko in the dream?

To dream of a gecko represents a anxiety or fear that something won’t go away. Discomfort that you have to share or put up with people who won’t leave you alone. An uncomfortable unwelcome presence in your life that is “sticking around.” Possibly a reflection your embarrassed feelings about parents, family members, or ignorant people that won’t let you like something by yourself. Fear embarrassment by a “tag-along”, children, jealous friend, or someone that ignorantly keeps getting in the way of your goals.

A gecko walking for a wall during a dream represents the acquisition of ability, the protection of something valuable or the consent to be proclaimed a truth.

To dream of a gecko symbolizes the protection of the house or of the family matters, as well as the cleaning of annoying matters for a quick and correct way.

If you dream of a gecko of brown color ascending for a glass you will have the solution of a very annoying matter for the family.

Dreaming of a gecko of gray color that is hunting in the roof of a house seeks advice not to reach a conclusion on the matter that occupies your mind in the schedules of exercises in the gym days ago.Over and over, this type of dream alerts and advises, it denounces and notices so that you have the appropriate answer to all complex question and you can stay where is now. Only, don’t stop in to respond or to solve nothing quickly when having this dream since before you should interpret it correctly.

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