Food Poisoning Dream Meaning

Food Poisoning Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Food Poisoning in the dream?

Dreaming about food poisoning is a sign that something in your life is wrong and might be hurting you. The food portion doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is really food. It might mean that you are going to school and some of the intellectual nourishment that you have recently enjoyed is actually false or is hurting your paradigm on life.
This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but it is important that you find out the truth for yourself so that your own health does not suffer any permanent damage. Often times those people who offer us food, whether it be spiritual food or literal food, expect something out of us. Be sure that there are no strings attached or bias attached to the food you are given, regardless of what type it is.

When you get food poisoning, your body is drained mentally and physically, you become sick and weak! If you dream of food poisoning, your subconscious is trying to tell you that are not heading in the right direction, you are doing things that are wrong and immoral which you would pay for in the end.

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