Flasher Dream Meaning

Flasher Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Flasher in the dream?

To dream of a flasher represents the shock or trauma of total disclosure. Exposing the complete truth to someone else in order to scare them. A flasher may also reflect a need to feel good scaring other people with the truth.

To dream of a flasher represents the shock or the trauma that it causes a family or personal accidental or unknown revelation totally. To expose a complete truth to another person or to give a fright to somebody can a premonition of this dream.

If you dream of a flasher of red color in the middle of a bridge you will carry out a medical checkup urgent to avoid bigger consequences.

Dreaming of a flasher of yellow color in a crossing of streets is omened an important change in your life that it will be good and important.Frequently, the dream about a flasher reflective or warns of a necessity or an inevitable obligation that it eliminates all doubt or secret. Here it doesn’t fit the fear since everything will be very clear in the mind of all people.

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