Flags Dream Meaning

Flags Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Flags in the dream?

To dream of a county flag represents the importance your feel in having or projecting a certain attitude. Feeling confident that a certain way of thinking is the best way to think. A belief in something greater than you. Consider the country’s stereotypical national attitude for additional meaning. For example, a US flag may reflect the importance you feel in having or projecting a stubbornly independent mindset to others. Alternatively it may patriotism, loyalty, or duty.

To dream of flags represents happiness, party or care when you express or make up an idea. The flags symbolize noble and simple feelings of character public and anything confidential.

If you dream of flags of small size and of diverse colors hung in your back yard you will enjoy a party organized to you for friends and families the next month.

Dreaming of flags of foreign countries hoisted to the front of your company it is omened the opening of new offices of your work in the overseas during the next year.In fact, the dream about flags communicates the growth or the expansion of the existent things, like in your house or business. Consider that flags in a dream don’t only point out patriotism, loyalty or duty; also reflective stubbornness and force in yours ideas or desires.

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