Enemy Dream Meaning

Enemy Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Enemy in the dream?

A faceless or anonymous enemy in your dream symbolizes a threat to your goals, your ability to reach your goals, or your identity. The significant aspect of this symbol is what you do about this enemy.

If you run or hide, this means you feel helpless to fight the battles in your life, and desperately wish for everything to simply go smoothly for you.
If, on the other hand, you turn around and fight, then you feel empowered and in control of your life, and capable of solving the problems in your life.

If the enemy is someone you know, this is an indication that trust has broken down between you for some reason. Alternatively, it could be a warning that this person is not trustworthy.

To dream of your enemy represents an aspect of yourself that feels intentionally opposite to your own ideas or goals. It may also reflect a person or situation in your life that seems to be purposely trying to make you lose or hurt your self-esteem. Awareness of a problem or challenge in your life that continually embarrasses you. An enemy may also reflect your inner conflict with addiction or resisting temptation.

As the saying goes, you are your worst enemy.

Dreaming of your enemy has more to do with the dreamers “shadow” the unknown parts of their behaviors that they do not see in themselves.

If they are talking, crying or even hugging you it all has to do with the dreamers ability to forgive and grow. Once the dreamer matures the enemy changes in the dream.

Dreams offer us inspiration about relationships and living. All the people that appear in our dreams represent an aspect of who we are/were or might be. These characters can personify emerging or unknown aspects or areas of the self undergoing exploration. Dreams seem to say that the same process might be happening in our daily existence. What if all the people on our path are meant to teach us something about ourselves? This is what is occuring in the dreamscape. There are no enemies and none of us are victims. We simply bring our baggage (good and bad) into situations to identify what parts of us should be strengthened – and what parts of us are unproductive and may need to be discarded. When a dream presents a character that threatens you or is at odds with what you are trying to do – examine how this character might represent your own unconscious tendencies. The enemy tests your vision, sincerity and sense of direction. You are the hero on a journey to activate your potential and discover your destiny. Just as the characters that test the hero of our ancient myths activate Self Awareness – the ‘enemies’ that appear in dreams and on your path are serving the same purpose

An enemy in general

In general, the dream symbol of an enemy, regardless of whether it was a real person troubling you in waking life or just an imaginable character in your vision alone, could be a reflection of all the inner controversies and conflicting positions that you harbor inside you. Most likely, they are related to some major issue or important question that is still unresolved in your life, and thus holds back your success and compromises your inner balance. Alternatively, a similar vision could be a manifestation of the hesitancy and doubts you are currently dealing with in waking life in order to make some important decisions that could be life-changing in the long run.

An enemy in general

If you happen to see a dream with yourself standing face-to-face with an enemy, thus being forced to make a definitive choice between engaging in direct confrontation or fleeing from the encounter due to the inferiority of your power and resources, know that this is actually considered to be a favorable sign by most dream interpretation sources. This vision foretells you would successfully overcome any roadblocks and hardships on your way to glory and success, especially if this would require confronting specific people as rivals in your waking life. Alternatively, a similar dream could be foretelling a minor health issue or illness which would not last long but would still be a nuisance requiring time and energy to be dealt with.

Face-to-face with an enemy

A dream in which you happen to interact with an ardent enemy who does not have a prototype in your waking life and exists solely in your dreamscape could be an exceptionally auspicious sign. It foretells that in the upcoming future your actual rivals, competitors or similar individuals who try to jeopardize your success would be eradicated from your way without any additional efforts or undertakings on your part. In other words, rest assured that you can dedicate all your energy and efforts to propel your success rather than worry about these bothersome people envying your approaching victories.

A non-existent enemy

If you happen to see the disturbing dream in which you physically kill an enemy, regardless of whether it is an actual rival you have in waking life or an imaginary being native to the dream, be aware that this vision is to be treated as a friendly warning especially if the envisioned killing was gruesome or brutal in nature. The described dream could be recommending you to be more careful and deliberate in your actions and attitude in the upcoming future, as there is a high probability that otherwise you could significantly compromise your career, social status or general position in life.

Killing an enemy

Seeing a dream in which you manage to defeat your enemy, regardless of whether this was a victorious outcome of a physical confrontation or a general race to achieve something you both had strived to seize, is usually interpreted as a quite straightforward vision. It foretells that in the upcoming future you would be able to successfully overcome whatever challenges life would throw your way, reaping valuable experience and knowledge in the process. This vision indicates that your subconsciousness could have already crowned you as victorious after evaluating your skills and possibilities in relation to the approaching difficulties and eventually developing an elaborate plan to dominate them.

Defeating an enemy

A dream in which you witness or otherwise become aware of the fact that your enemies are slandering you is one of those rare cases when a dream symbol foretells literally what it shows. After dreaming of such developments, be aware that in the upcoming future the people who you believe to be your main opponents or competitors would try to compromise your status and reputation by spreading unfounded rumors and gossips involving your persona. Therefore, a wise attitude could be to assume an extremely careful and attentive position and keep an eye on everything that would be happening in your closest surroundings in the following weeks. This way you would increase your chances of promptly taking action to alleviate the impact of the lies aimed at your good name.

Your enemy slandering you

Dreaming of yourself being defeated by an enemy, for example, during a violent fight or in some sort of athletic or gaming confrontation could be an unfavorable sign regardless of whether the rival in your dream is a person you actually know in waking life or is an imaginary being existing exclusively in your dream. This vision foretells unfortunate developments and great letdowns in the upcoming future, as well as a subsequent period of gloominess and depression. Nevertheless, remember that this dark chapter in your life would not be likely to last long or have much impact on your distant future. Brace yourself, gather up all the sturdiness and vigor you have and wait for the sun to rise once again.

Being defeated by an enemy

A dream in which you happen to see yourself engaged in a conversation or discussion with an enemy, be it an imaginary one or a person whom you actually know in waking life, could be an unfavorable omen of approaching misfortune. Regardless of the mood, content and outcome of this talk between you and your rival, this symbol foretells unlucky developments, wrong choices and bad decisions that would be very likely to make a hugely detrimental impact on your life in general. As a result, you would have to invest a lot of time, efforts and resources to make things right again.

Talking with an enemy

A dream in which you see yourself in the middle of a physical confrontation with an enemy is generally believed to be an unfavorable sign regardless of the details of this event. For example, whether it was a drunk fight in the bar or a boxing match for the title of world champion, the vision would still be foretelling significant hardships and painful losses in the upcoming future. Most likely, the damage would be of material or emotional nature and result in unpredictable long-term troubles in your waking life. Therefore, it would be wise to be extremely careful in the weeks after seeing this dream in order to maximise your chances to avoid or alleviate the approaching impact.

A fight with your enemy

A dream in which you happen to envision yourself trying to escape a vicious enemy chasing you, regardless of whether it was a person you know from waking life or an imaginary entity native to the dream, is generally considered an auspicious sign foretelling successful and profitable achievements related to business or personal projects, especially the ones you have been doubtful you would complete timely and in full. Be aware that the described dream could assume numerous forms, for example, the enemy could be just an internet stalker looking closely at all your virtual steps on social media or you could be both athletes engaged in a sports car race. The interpretation, however, remains unchanged for all possible dream variants and is an indication that your subconscious mind has already proclaimed you victorious and significantly ahead of all your competition.

Being chased by an enemy

If you happen to see a dream in which you see yourself acting playful and relaxed in the presence of an enemy, be it someone you know in waking life or just an imaginary being, such as when casually fooling around, joking or just having fun in general, know that this could be an extremely favorable sign. It foretells that similarly to how you felt in the dream, you would be able to effortlessly accomplish all your goals in the upcoming future, simultaneously outrunning any competitors you currently have. Most likely, this would feel like waltzing your way to success, so abandon your worries and enjoy this approaching period of blissful victories.

Being playful with an enemy

Dream visions in which you see yourself getting caught, imprisoned, kidnapped or otherwise being held in captivity by a real or imaginary enemy are almost univocally interpreted as harbingers of confusion, uncertainty and doubts regarding the goals and tasks you are currently working on in waking life. Most likely, this period of uncertainty would be bound to persist for a certain period of time, so brace yourself and wait calmly for the optimal decision to arise in your mind. As soon as that happens, it is quite possible that all your projects would progress swiftly and smoothly without further roadblocks.

Being captured by enemies

Dreaming of yourself becoming an ardent enemy to someone regardless of how real your adversary is, for example, after a serious fight with a family member or friend, or turning into an arch villain and confronting a superhero, is often interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer’s current subconscious mind. Most likely, you are harboring a deep feeling of shame or guilt for a certain act committed in the past, unable to forgive yourself and let go of that incident. Alternatively, a more positive meaning to this dream could be indicating that in the upcoming future you would become close friends with your rival in the vision if only you are currently acquainted with him or her in your waking life.

Becoming someone’s enemy

If you find yourself in a physical altercation with an enemy, this is believed to be an ill omen in dream analysis. There are significant challenges ahead of you and you would have to struggle through it in order to survive. Specifically, you may have to deal with financial losses or a personal break up which will turn your world upside-down. It is best to use this symbol as a way to prepare yourself financially and emotionally in order to avoid the worst case scenario.

Fighting an enemy

The dark room in your dream represents your fears and worries over uncertain outcomes. There may be some projects or upcoming events and you are afraid that complications would occur, especially with tasks you are working on. In relation to that, the image of your enemy cooking in this dark room suggests a bit of paranoia on your part. Perhaps you think your adversaries or competitors are devising a plan to damage your credibility or jeopardize your overall goals. However, it is possible that the point of your vision is to highlight your overactive imagination in order to show you how you can become your own worst enemy. By focusing on what others are doing, you may end up becoming distracted and sabotaging your own progress.

An enemy cooking in a dark room

Dreaming about having sex with someone you dislike may reveal a subconscious desire to be like her or use some of her qualities to your advantage. In a sense, you are appreciating her through the act of sex. However, this vision may at the same time show jealousy or other negative emotions associated with this individual.

Having sex with an enemy

Fighting in a war in the dream world, as a soldier or something similar, means you may be neglecting your health. The enemies in your dream symbolize self-destructive behavior and unhealthy habits. Perhaps you have been too distracted with other pursuits that your physical and mental well-being have been relegated to the sidelines. You may need to start cultivating healthy habits to avoid illness and other health-related issues.

Killing an enemy during war

The idea that you were setting a trap in this vision reveals that there is someone you are attracted to in waking life but are unable to confess to for one reason or another. You may strongly desire to express your interest and admiration, although it is also possible that even you are somewhat unaware of these growing feelings within yourself. The use of a baby in this trap and the consistent presence of babies in your dream visions predict that you would be pleasantly surprised by some upcoming event. This is likely related to your love interest or potential suitor.

Setting a trap for an enemy using a baby

Finding yourself in a food court in the dream means that you may be running out of avenues for expressing yourself. Perhaps you feel like no one understands what you are going through. This moment of weakness could be what your enemies are waiting for. Cleaning the table means your rivals may conspire to alienate you from your loved ones by making you look bad. Stay close to your loved ones instead of pushing them away because unscrupulous personalities may take advantage of this gap to keep you powerless and isolated.

Enemy wiping tables at a food court

Envisioning that your enemy has morphed into your crush can carry two slightly similar interpretations. The first interpretation suggests that some internal conflict or unease would work itself out, just like the image of someone you do not get along with becomes the image of someone you have a lot of affection for. Alternatively, this vision could mean that you see qualities that you admire in your enemy, even though you dislike them as a person in general.

Enemy turning into a crush

Dreaming about your enemies is often thought to represent internal conflict and discontent. Each of your rivals may be the manifestation of some idea you are entertaining or an emotion you are trying to control. At the same time, fighting or attacking someone with a knife symbolizes the obscurer parts of your nature. On the whole, this dream can be interpreted as a sign that you need to spend some dedicated time listening to your innermost thoughts. Meditation or quiet contemplation could help calm the voices in the back of your mind and help you come to the best answer.

Two enemies fighting

A recurring dream of fights and physical altercations indicates a tendency to be passive. Your non-confrontational nature makes you prone to being abused and overpowered. In the second dream, punching people reveals your pent up aggression. You are scared of aggressive and violent people around you, but you are unable to defend yourself. As such, the aggression manifested in your dream is a projection of the anger and resentment building up inside of you. Finally, the determination to finish a task represents a mounting stress. You feel like no matter how much you work, you are still not getting your due. All the frustration evident in all your dream symbols indicates that you are going down a self-destructive path. Instead of working yourself to death, perhaps a bit of self-care will do you some good. Letting others pressure you into taking on more responsibilities than you can handle will only lead to burnout. Learning to push back and speak out will help you improve your work-life balance.

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