Egypt Dream Meaning

Egypt Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Egypt in the dream?

To dream of being in Egypt represents a mindset where you feel immersed in a situation where people or situations are always making you feel they their ideas are more important than yours. Feeling that others are always telling you that they have a better idea or advantage over you.

To dream of Egypt means preparation, professionalism and integrity in the study of a millennial and old culture. Egypt in a dream symbolizes gigantic pyramids, sacred scarabs and mummies of showy sarcophaguses.

If Nile of Egypt dreams of the river it expresses greatness, delight for the natural things, joy of the nature and the defense of all that is beautiful.

Dreaming of the desert in Egypt represents days of vacations in one of the national parks of a lot of prestige.Now a day, the dream about Egypt expresses experiences that will allow you to enjoy things that you have always wanted and they make you happy now. Also, encourage and positive behavior in the future.

Dreaming of ancient Egypt can signify the symbolic ‘archeological digging’ of the deeper layers of the psyche. Its association with magic and resurrection offers a landscape of initiation and metamorphosis. To see a mummy can symbolize being wrapped up in one aspect of life at the expense of another. It can also relate to the idea of ‘mommy’ and whether or not you were encouraged in the free expression of feelings and affection. Often you will visit this type of setting when you are going through a difficult transformation, or when you are embarking on a spiritual path.

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