Dream Interpretation of Witchcraft

Dream Interpretation of Witchcraft

What does it meaning Witchcraft in the dream?

To have a dream related with the witchcraft it represents that somebody or something is trying to manipulate or to make damage to you.

To dream of the witchcraft means diversity and contradiction, bad and well or construction or destruction.

Dreaming of the witchcraft of some magicians of the East in a forest is omened an incredible elevation of your benefits and of your personal savings.

If you dream of the witchcraft of some women in an orgy inside a cave you should be careful when giving or to receiving things of people unknown.Therefore, the dream about the witchcraft will be an alert or an orientation to follow the good road personal in a balanced and persistent way. In this, the silence on your private and publics issues is fundamental for don´t make damage to anybody neither anything.

Like possession, witchcraft emerges in our dreams when we might be controlled by a negative force that tend to manipulate or control your movements. By examining what areas you might feel you are controlled or influenced in your life, often a manipulation of the feminine; unable to control emotions, behaviours, urges that belong to both your inner and outer world. For men the witch could be associated with the mother or ANIMA. Defeating a witch in your dream indicates you have identified the root of this negative source and will remove it from your life. Fighting the powers of witchcraft suggest you are battling this issue head on and soon you will defeat it.

If someone is putting a spell on you in your dream it might suggest you are being influenced by an external source.

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