Dream Interpretation of Tardis

Dream Interpretation of Tardis

What does it meaning Tardis in the dream?

To dream of the TARDIS of the British serial Doctor Who represents to pass all the difficulties, to be able to change everything and of moving to any place and time. TARDIS symbolizes the arrival of astonishing ideas, of accidental advantages or of the wealth without having been looked for.

If you dream of TARDIS while you walk for the city at night you will receive recognition for your incredible experience that has demonstrated in your work many times.

Dreaming of TARDIS located in front of your house it omens an impressive visualization of the new equipment that you will use in your work. At first this dream astonishes for its originality and force to advance things or matters no foreseen by you, as surprises or gifts. This originality that is impossible to obtain for those that don’t enjoy this kind of magic dream will allow getting what you want very easily.

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