Dream Interpretation of Stalking

Dream Interpretation of Stalking

What does it meaning Stalking in the dream?

To dream that you are stalking somebody in the forest means the necessity to revise their interior feelings. The dream about stalking represents the insecurity in your of being able to reach a promotion at this time in your company.

Dreaming of stalking somebody unknown the arrival of a situation is omened that you won’t understand at the beginning but that it will solve later on.

If you dream of stalking cat it insinuates that your work life and family it will be full with hidden and false things but of happy, calm, careless appearance and with a lot of fantasy.At the same time, this type of dream indicates that you feel nostalgia and sadness for a very near relative and that it is no longer present. To try to continue ahead with optimism and happiness is the best thing in these cases.

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