Dream Interpretation of Rome

Dream Interpretation of Rome

What does it meaning Rome in the dream?

To dream of Rome represents a way of thinking where you feel the strongest and the weakest, the richest and the poorest, where anything is insignificant. Rome symbolizes the eternal city, the glory and the misery, the history and the forgetfulness together century by century.

If you dream of Rome while Romulus and Remus converse with you in your house you should prepares for the changes that will happen in the international market and in particular with the economy of China.

Dreaming of Rome while you visit to the Coliseum is omened the growth of your company in a total way it and under the good control of you in one year.Currently, this dream alerts to avoid that you tells to other people what to make and don’t worry about their more common feelings. It will use your word like the most important power to convinceple.

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