Dream Interpretation of Rabbits

Dream Interpretation of Rabbits

What does it meaning Rabbits in the dream?

To dream of rabbits is a good omen, it is a prediction of a party or of good luck while it is seen the rabbits in physical good state, in movement and clean. It will be ahead a change in your life to get better your matters well very soon. To the inverse one, if you dream of rabbits of several colors or races you will feel a radical change that could retard the achievements obtained by you in years.

Dreaming of rabbits of a type or race moving for your back yard you will receive a great happiness related with your children and their studies.Often, the dream about rabbits is a metaphor of sexual strong and constant activity with high included procreation what could be complicated for you. Likewise, to see white rabbits points out the falsehood of a passionate love enjoyed by you during months.

Rabbits can be both positive and negative dream symbols relating to good luck, prosperity, abundance, and fertility. Similar to the fox they can be seen as deceitful tricksters either being the people in your life, or unconscious behaviours that you possess.  They are commonly known to bite, attack, run away, chasing, different colors, and to even notice poop. What they do is a metaphor relating to success or trickery.

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