Dream Interpretation of Potholes

Dream Interpretation of Potholes

What does it meaning Potholes in the dream?

To dream of potholes demonstrates obstacles and challenges, problems and conflicts or irreparable breaks to be ambitious and not very reflexive with the other. The potholes symbolize to maintain the stagnated things, not to be provident or to consider your approach like the only one guessed right for all action or task.

If you dream of potholes full with water and mire you should calculate your manners well to defend your project in the next meeting of executives of the company.

Dreaming of potholes of great size and full with stones seeks advice not to hurry the development of your tasks or the work daily.By the way, the potholes are sign of difficulties complex of solving for what remembers this dream well to interpret their premonitions. Even, if you have to reconsider something you don’t doubt to redesign your idea or project and adjust it like they indicate to you the events.

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