Dream Interpretation of Personal Space

Dream Interpretation of Personal Space

What does it meaning Personal Space in the dream?

To dream about your personal space being invaded represents feelings about being inappropriately bothered or spoken to. Feeling a lack of privacy. Embarrassed or annoyed that you need to discuss something you’re uncomfortable discussing. Feeling that someone has stepped over the line of personal boundaries. The dream may be a sign that you need to speak up or tell someone to back off. You may be putting up with more than you should be.

Dreaming of your personal space in the work office is omened the approval of the financing requested to the bank for the computer modernization of your company.

To dream of the personal space in your house means the identity or the feeling of achieving something with a clear address and an objective defined in the life.

If you dreams of the personal space of dancers in training it reflects that you will receive the approval of the project that will direct in one month. The meaning of the personal space in your dream could be energy, maturity, orientation and personal support to something or somebody of your interest for long time.In fact, the dream about the personal space advises not to assume a privileged and arrogant behavior to obtain that wanted or to triumph in something. With this dream it should be moderate and critical, always escaping from the immodesty and the insolence

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