Dream Interpretation of Numbers

Dream Interpretation of Numbers

What does it meaning Numbers in the dream?

Most people cannot count things or work with numbers in their dreams. This is because the part of the brain that deals with numbers is turned off during REM sleep. Therefore you might dream of a particular number, but you are unlikely to be able to count or do math.

If you do dream of a particular number, the meaning of this dream symbol will be individual to that number and to that number’s meaning for you.
The number 1 often indicates being the most important or the first thing to be considered. Other significant numbers are 3 and 4, which represent the spiritual world and the physical world respectively. The number 7 is lucky because it is a combination of the two.

Numbers have been very symbolic and hold value, both numerical and spiritually. For thousands of years numbers have been important from the Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians as they knew they hold a very deep meaning.  When numbers are presented to you in your dream they can either bring you good fortune or bad luck, profits or losses and even enlightenment.

Not always obvious in a dream, numbers can appear in subtle ways. They can have universal meanings from sayings: threes a crowd; seventh heaven; or the ninth degree. They can also have personal meaning based on your past or actual experience.

If numbers appear in relation to time, they can be exploring where you stand in relation to life stages. Numbers related to times of day can appear as morning (representing beginnings) afternoon (apexes or turning points) and evening (endings.)

Explore the numbers objectively. For example: 3:15 can represent a need for (3) integration – (1) that involves the self – and (5) parenting/nurturing others.

Dreaming of 719 can suggest how (7) fate – often leads you (1) backward or back to the self – before you can achieve (9) actualization. Life is often a circular journey.

If you add the numbers together, they can also offer a messages where 3+1+5 = 8, or organization and patience. Sometimes numbers are prophetic and pertain to how issues will be resolved in terms of months or days.

Zero and eight often suggest wholeness and infinity because both appear endless. Like the circle or mandala, zero can be a composition of the Self as it moves toward wholeness. Round shapes are often a message about taking a more holistic perspective that is more inclusive and less self centered. One suggests aloneness or self-sufficiency; Two depicts partnerships, choices and integration; Three can represent difficulty that requires integration, in the sense of a triangle situation, which demands resolution so balance can be achieved. It can also suggest getting the ‘third degree’ or ‘threes a crowd;’ Four can symbolize getting grounded; luck as in four leaf clovers, a symbol of the earth and elements; stability, as in ‘four on the floor’ or crouching prior to moving forward. It is often a symbol that appears when you are getting grounded, more earthy in your approach or seeking balance. Five can be associated with family, and represent fertility, abundance, and parenting. Like the digits of the hands and feet, issues related to taking, giving, holding and sustenance can be explored through the number five.

Six can be a way of getting the idea of ‘sex’ out in the open or it can have mysterious or spiritual/psychic associations as in the case of extra sensory perception. Often dreams of the number six can be a message about going beyond the senses or routine observation. Seven is associated with religion and stages or cycles in life. It can symbolize luck and reward as in experiencing seventh heaven. Seven also appears as a representation of fate or simply relying on opportunity rather than making concrete decisions.

Eight can represent infinity, eternity or wholeness, but it is also a symbol of evolution. Eight is a powerful number that can signify patience. organization and leadership. Words that are Homonyms (like eight/ate or six/sex) are the psyche’s clever tools for slipping ideas past consciousness. In light of this, eight must also be considered in relation to Food and nourishment. Nine is usually associated with a turning point or apex; being at the end of our rope as in ‘nine lives’ or 911. But nine can also symbolize opportunities being missed by not challenging yourself. It can signify excess or perfection since it is associated with ‘being dressed to the nines.’ Nine is also a number associated with a more humanitarian perspective and the idea of higher thought or philosophy.

Ten can signify ambition because of its association with completion and arrival. It is a sense of having it all and integrating family and work in productive ways. You can dream of something related to the eleventh hour or it can be the non-integrated idea of one against one; Twelve, as in months, becomes completion or the beginning of a new cycle; Thirteen is odd, unnatural or unlucky and must also be considered in terms of integrating one (self) and three (eliminating or choosing.)

Numbers can be associated with personal experience, age or they can also be reduced to units. Fourteen, as one and four suggests how your idea of independence (one), is currently challenged by issues of balance (four.) Twenty-five becomes two and five, and can signify how partnership (two) leads to fertility or issues about giving and taking (five.) Forty-six would be a message about stability (four) as you approach sex or increased ‘senses,’ or sensuality (six.)

If you are searching career direction – numbers can be associated with certain areas. For example One can represent an entrepreneurial approach; Two can suggest work that relates to managing money or that utilizes the senses. Three can symbolize communication and marketing; Four can relate to the home or real estate; Five the arts; Six health and hygiene; Seven fashion and relationships; Eight big business and the stock market; Nine law and politics; Ten public relations; Eleven science or humanitarian work and Twelve can represent hospitals and public service.

Numbers in general

Dreaming of seeing a series of numbers in no particular order or pattern is a sign you are experiencing extreme mental fatigue and burnout. You are also in danger of not being successful in your attempts to achieve a major goal or complete an important project if you do not stay alert and use caution when dealing with and discussing things related to achieving your goal.

Numbers in general

Seeing a number or numbers marked on a calendar in your dream is a sign something bad or very negative is getting ready to happen on the date or within those dates highlighted or marked on the calendar.

Numbers marked on a calendar

Seeing yourself manipulating numbers by adding or multiplying them in your dream means you are about to become successful in warding off the plots and plans your enemies or rivals have prepared to come against you or the projects you have been trying to pursue.

Manipulating numbers

Dreaming of seeing yourself trying to remember a group of numbers and being successful at doing so means you are getting ready to encounter and live through a very exciting, rewarding and life-changing occasion or event that will make you feel very satisfied and happy for a very long time period.

Remembering numbers

Dreaming of looking at numbers that are being shown in front of you like in a book or on a sheet of paper represents you investing time and energy into resolving some financial situations or issues. This dream can also mean you are getting ready to deal with some minor conflicts or problems in your life.

Looking at numbers

Dreaming of seeing yourself writing some numbers down on a piece of paper or typing them into a computer indicates you may be investing a lot of your time and effort into being involved in projects and endeavors requiring a lot of dedication and hard work.

Writing numbers down

Erasing numbers from a piece of paper or deleting numbers off a computer or other device means you might be facing periods in your life where you will deceive yourself, or your will experience times of confusion that will hinder your success in completing things you desire to have accomplished.

Erasing numbers

Dreaming of seeing yourself drawing numbers is a sign of getting access to beneficial opportunities to earn extra money, or you may gain access to a new source of generating income that will improve your finances.

Drawing numbers

Seeing the number thirteen in your dream is a good sign. It represents an occurrence or situation happening in your life that may result in becoming extremely happy, very content and satisfied with the way your life is heading.

Number thirteen

Dreaming of seeing the number 666 means you are about to continue repeating the same errors you have made in the past. This dream can also be a warning about reverting back to something in your life that was unpleasant to you, and you don’t have the desire to go through it again.

Number 666

Dreaming about seeing yourself methodically typing numbers is a sign of your determination to organize things and have things in a certain order or pattern when it is not necessary to have them arranged this way.

Typing numbers

Dreaming of being occupied with crunching numbers like you do when you are solving an equation means your life is about to take a beneficial turn because of the life-changing choices your are soon to make. These choices are going to have a profound influence on the current path of your life.

Crunching numbers

Seeing yourself erasing numbers that were written on a blackboard in your dream is a reminder to you that you have done something incorrectly or have done something foolishly in the past that is quickly coming back to haunt you in the form of consequences.

Erasing numbers from a blackboard

Dreaming of seeing numbers instead of letters while reading a book or some other text is a sign you are about to discover something that may become a big surprise for you. However, the positive result will largely depend on how well you are able to utilize your talents and abilities to help make it happen.

Seeing numbers instead of letters

Dreaming of seeing someone writing numbers down on a piece of paper or some sort of presentation board means you will be in amazement at how one of your close friends is achieving his or her goals. This experience may make you a bit jealous and cause you to reminisce about your own accomplishments thus far.

Someone writing numbers

Dreaming of numbers made of solid materials like steel, stone, concrete, etc., is an indication that your perspective on life and personal belief system may be tested by some unanticipated events or situations that can be easily tolerated and overcome because of your motivation and your striving to get things done in spite of the circumstances.

Numbers made of solid material

Dreaming of seeing numbers made of soft material like paper, tissue, or cotton means you might not be able to achieve the things you are currently trying to accomplish because you lack the personality, drive, and determination needed to make it happen.

Numbers made of soft material

Dreaming of seeing number one in your dream represents you spending time and networking with other people. Or, it could mean you will participate in certain meetings or events that you may have been invited to attend.

Number 1

Dreaming of seeing the number two is a warning to not let potential gossip and rumors about you cause any irritation or worry because if you let it bother you it may end up damaging your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Number 2

Dreaming of seeing the number three is a sign you might receive a business proposition or deal that will require you to invest a lot of time and energy into making it successful.

Number 3

Dreaming of seeing the number four means you are about to embark on a trivial and meaningless event or activity that will prove to be very unfruitful or inefficient when it comes to getting things done.

Number 4

Seeing the number five in your dream represents being exposed to and involved in unnecessary conflicts or disagreements that will take a considerable amount of time and effort to solve.

Number 5

Dreaming about the number six is a bad sign. It means the people you once confided in and trusted are about to become the ones who make it a point to lie to you and try to deceive you for their own personal gain.

Number 6

Seeing numbers clearly in your dream means your hopes and plans concerning one of your desires are getting ready to become a reality in your life very soon.

Seeing numbers clearly

Dreaming of seeing fuzzy, blurry or indiscernible numbers means you will fail to understand your destiny and purpose in life, which means you will not be able to figure out which direction your life is currently going.

Fuzzy indiscernible numbers

Pressing the wrong button when dialing a number or transposing numbers when writing them down often predicts failure for your current plans and endeavors. It suggests you would somehow go astray and the mistakes made would prevent you from making any progress toward your goals. This would cause you a lot of stress and displeasure.

Wrong number or button

Eight as a figure or number manifesting in the dream world is an allusion to balance, trust, and self-awareness. There is harmony in your life and you will thrive in this favorable condition. However, other sources associated the number 8 with harmful patterns. You could be stuck in a loop of repeating the same mistakes and finding yourself in similar, self-destructive situations like the ones you have experienced in the past. Your mind could be telling you to break this cycle and work towards growth.

Number 8

The number 7 by itself is a fairly ominous symbol to perceive in dreams. Seeing the number 7, like on a sign or billboard, or seeing 7 of a certain object, such as houses or taxi cabs, could reveal that an already negative event would snowball into something much worse. Alternatively, this numerical symbol is also seen by those who are feeling unappreciated or let down in wake life, even though there if there is no direct cause for such emotions.

Number 7

The numbers 1, 2 and 6 all have separate meanings. The number 1 usually refers to feelings of loneliness, while number 2 could reveal ambiguity and 6 is symbolic of being humiliated by someone. What this could mean is that the person in question who can only remember this particular number could be undergoing a difficult period in life, in which the constant taunting at someone’s hands makes him feel lonely and probably depressed. However, perhaps because this person has a strong connection with his abuser, he may have some ambiguous feelings towards separating from him or her. Thus the feeling of ambiguity surrounding the humiliation. Even though it may be painful, the person in question may not yet have the strength to break free.

Number 126

The number 100 is a representation of your sadness and loneliness in the wake of your husband’s passing. In a sense, the zeros tacked onto the number one serve as a type of metaphorical multiplier, suggesting you are feeling very alone and lost at this time. Under the circumstance, the presence of your husband is not unexpected as losing him is the source of these emotions. However, his presence may have another meaning, as dearly departed husbands also represent unsociable or poor behavior. It is possible that in your unhappy mental state you have not been behaving as kindly or politely as you normally would. This vision, then, could be a reminder that others deserve kindness and consideration even when we ourselves are suffering greatly.

Deceased husband and number 100

In general, seeing this number in a dream could mean breaking some vicious cycle or undesirable events occurring on a regular basis, for example putting an end to someone’s abuse or mistreatment.

Number 535

Envisioning yourself running with your mother alludes to a tendency to overlook essential things in pursuit of your goals. This dream scenario is reminding you to be more mindful and ask yourself whether you are losing sight of your priorities. This is further underscored by the cars in the parking lot which are reminders to slow down. The license plates, meanwhile, are metaphors for breaking away from the daily grind. You could be yearning to be free to do what you want or have more control over your time. Those numbers indicate burnout and exhaustion that could keep you from completing a project. You need to learn to pace yourself or you risk putting your mind and body in peril. Finally, the ringing in your ear suggests you are at a point where you need a much-needed break from the stresses of your life. It is time to delegate some tasks or carve out time for self-care. You can only do your best work when you look after your health.

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