Dream Interpretation of Middle Finger

Dream Interpretation of Middle Finger

What does it meaning Middle Finger in the dream?

To dream of someone giving you the middle finger represents feelings of rejection. It may also reflect feeling that you are being purposely embarrassed.

To dream of the middle finger of the hand represents the feelings and the pain of the rejection of something that it has not liked to you for a long time. The middle finger symbolizes to reflect a premonition that you will manage carefully, intelligence and without being embarrassed.

If you dream of the middle finger adorned with a ring of gold you will have the opportunity to leave a situation complicated in the work.

Dreaming of the middle finger adorned with a ring of silver is expressed the materialization of a solution to something bother in your work. At first, this dream alerts but solves later complicated matters that will take calmly so that they leave materializing little by little. Not leave that what you reject the transform to you into another person of bad humor or of hard heart.

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