Dream Interpretation of Menu

Dream Interpretation of Menu

What does it meaning Menu in the dream?

To dream of a menu represents feelings about situations in your life where you are being offered options or choices. Opportunities to select or make a choice. Surveying what is available to you. Determining the personal costs that potential choices will have for you. Feeling that you have the liberty to make choices. Considering options for the future for yourself or someone else.

To dream of a menu represents premonitions of situations in your life where you will be able to offer alternative or elections. The menu symbolizes opportunities to select or of making a wanted election and necessary to your necessities.

If you dream of a menu of French cuisine you will be able to select the house that you need rent thanks to the cards of debits perfectly.

Dreaming of a menu of Spanish cuisine is expressed the affordable of their purchases in a store almost designed for you and your family.

Menu dream meaning

Finally, the dream about a menu announces positive futures and magnificent elections that it will be favorable for you, the colleagues and friends. It gives the premonition that you will have the freedom of making what you want but to the measure of your possibilities.


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