Dream Interpretation of Lotus

Dream Interpretation of Lotus

What does it meaning Lotus in the dream?

To dream of a lotus symbolizes change, purity, excellence, and extension of the spirit. Dreaming with lotus flower could mean the system is that the lotus flower symbol represents awakening to the spiritual reality of life.The opening of a lotus flower in your dreams represents rising from primal thought and base energies to highest spiritual consciousness. You’re waking up from your past and these enter in a purer stage of your life, everything will go well.A lotus flower may reflect a beautiful person or possession that everyone can have for himself.

A lotus flower and waterfalls

Flowers that resemble the lotus are symbolically linked with the idea of destiny and fate. This is likely related to your unborn child, meaning he or she could have a great or important destiny to fulfill. Furthermore, the flower seller said that the flower was not actually a lotus. This means that as the parents of this child, the offspring’s path would be unclear to you. The journey your baby will undertake when it grows would only be revealed to them once the time is right. The combination of flowers and water may predict that money could play a greater role in your household than personal growth or improvement when it comes to preparing for this great task.

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