Dream Interpretation of Leash

Dream Interpretation of Leash

What does it meaning Leash in the dream?

To dream of a leash represents control and restraint. Needing to feel yourself keeping control over a person or situation. Taking the lead. Not wanting someone to get out of control or go overboard. Keeping your influence over someone.

Leashes are symbols of confinement. They can also represent latent sexual desire for someone in authority over you.

If you dream that you have a leash on, it may be that you enjoy BDSM, or that you have a hidden desire for your boss. It could also mean that you feel like you are being taken advantage of and need to break free from the position you are in. It is important to work through your emotions on this in order to determine the best course of action to take.

To dream of a leash suggests domain, control and power has more than enough matters, problems or things of the daily life that you face in the day by day. A leash symbolizes favor, health and temperance with you and your relatives for the good of all with love and peace.

If you dream of a leash of cow leather you will show all your wisdom with your children when attending a meeting of parents in the school of them.

Dreaming of a leash of crocodile skin is alerted to stay you far from problems that don’t concern to you personally in the work.Over and over, this dream has a great validity since it indicates that you can and should show your capacities without fears and accepting the preferences of people. This includes the sexual, the professional and the sentimental since there is everything in the world that surrounds you today.

Holding a leash represents a control that you have over your animals behaviours or connects to controls and restricts in your life. Depending the content if something is off the leash suggests something in your life relating to instincts is loose. Being on a leash might be indicating to submissive behaviors.

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