Dream Interpretation of Lanai

Dream Interpretation of Lanai

What does it meaning Lanai in the dream?

Dreaming of a lanai in a very high building a strong personal crisis is omened by very important reasons of envy when affecting your relationship with a friend or very near colleague. A lanai of a house near the sea means freshness, you calm down and an experience of identity and euphoria that it will elevate your self-esteem largely.

To dream of a colored lanai of target symbolizes to be calm, to possess good health, you will enjoy the good state of the time or to be happy or make happy.

If you dream of children playing in a lanai it expresses that it won’t abuse of your good physical state to carry out extreme or violent sports this year.Actually, the dream about a lanai could also mean that will be responsible for the happy change or the quick and effective improvement of a person or a company in some days. Even, it omens crisis exits, illnesses or of hospitals without leaving sequels or negative symptoms to a person that was affected by a situation or illness.

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