Dream Interpretation of Knife

Dream Interpretation of Knife

What does it meaning Knife in the dream?

To dream of knives symbolizes emotional conflict, division, and separation. There are issues with loss or change that you are struggling with in your waking life. An emotional hurt or threat.

Dreaming of a knife is represented the anger, the hostility or the dissatisfaction that you have kept per years inside your soul.

Maybe this dream wants to isolate or to notice all negative or harmful aspect of your life.

If you dream of a knife very long and tight you will receive some modest benefits of your company that it will keep in the bank.

To dream of a knife small and thick expressed the results of your hard work that will be recognized by some of your colleagues.Likewise, this dream can advance affectations or fallen in your economy or health but they will be brief and of little level. It should not inconvenience you to avoid all affectation to your health, as well as malicious comments or unpleasant rumors.

Dreams involving knives are symbolic representations of removing or cutting away things that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. Often times what we cut becomes a metaphoric symbol of what unconscious aspects we are removing.

If you are the one being cut with a knife it suggests anger, removal, loss or to cut away. According to Sigmund Freud would suggest any sort of penetration or wound to the skin is phallic in nature.

The knife combines the idea of pain with cutting through illusion to get to the truth. This instrument asks you to get at the heart of the matter or break through the surface – and is not necessarily negative. It is coaxing you to understand what you are doing that undermines your opportunity for happiness and fulfillment

A knife in general

Having a dream that involves a knife in general, either just set on a counter or being used to prepare dinner, is often interpreted as a sign that you are to be separated from a loved one or someone else who has been a great help and influence on your life. The image of a knife may also represent conflict and discord within your relationships, particularly people you are very close to, like family members or close, longtime friends. While knives do suggest loss, they are not exclusively associated with companions. In addition, seeing a knife portends material loss and disappointment in general affairs, including at home and at work.

If you are currently involved in a court case, the results are unlikely to positively affect you in any way.

A knife in general

Having a dream about a rusty knife, whether you are trying to use it or it just stands out in your vision, is often an indication of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with your home and family life. It may portend some financial hardship or discord among family members which negatively affects the atmosphere of the household. Additionally, for single, unmarried people, the image of a rusty knife suggests conflict with someone you are dating or interested romantically, either causing a breakup or preventing the relationship from developing further.

A rusty knife

Seeing an especially sharp or thoroughly polished knife while in a dreaming state is often interpreted as a sign that something important to you, either a person, situation, or object of sentimental value, is soon to cause you great distress and concern. This is most likely due to its (or in the case of a human, his or her) loss or degradation. Sharpened knives are also closely associated with material losses in a more general sense, indicating living a life of poverty or on the edge. This unfortunate financial situation is probably not your fault, and is instead likely caused by others who are jealous of you or dislike you for some reason.

A sharp or polished knife

Having a dream where you see or use a broken or damaged knife is an ominous symbol predicting that some unexpected event or circumstance could soon to ruin all your hopes and dreams. Damaged, useless knives, including those with dull blades and broken handles, suggest that any big plans you are currently working on are about to be postponed, possibly indefinitely, unless some major intervention takes place.

A damaged knife

Being cut or receiving some small injury from a knife in a dream is a harbinger of evil entering your life. Specifically, a wound caused by a sharp knife is often associated with having your plans interrupted or side-tracked by jealous rivals and others who dislike your success and position. This symbol in a dream vision also portends deep-seated discord among family members which may cause some anxiety and stress in your life. In the case when an unmarried person finds themselves hurt by a knife in a dream, it suggests suffering humiliation and degradation at the hands of others.

Being injured by a knife

Having a dream where you chase and attack someone with a knife indicates revealing darker parts of your personality unintentionally to others. Specifically, this vision carries the interpretation that some event outside your control is to occur, causing you to react without inhibiting your emotions. This is likely to reveal your true colors and your internal selfish, thoughtless behavior to people who used to respect and think well of you. Restoring your reputation and building up your rapport with others again may take a lot of time and effort.

Attacking someone with a knife

Dropping a knife on the floor in a dream vision, whether it was done on purpose or happened by accident, suggests you are soon to be visited by a male stranger. This event is likely to take place inside your home or around your neighborhood. While there is no indication as to whether this meeting is positive or negative in nature, you may wish to take precaution and be prepared for this encounter.

Dropping a knife

Being unexpectedly stabbed with a knife, especially in the back, is often interpreted as a sign that those who have been working in the shadows are soon to put their evil plans into action. Specifically, this vision means that rivals and other jealous people are about to wreak havoc on your life.

If you experience this symbol in a dream vision, you should watch your back.

Stabbed in the back with a knife

Envisioning a bloody knife in a dream, particularly if the blood was caused when you stabbed someone, suggests that those who came before you, possibly parents or a person whose job you took over, have left you in a bit of a mess. Specifically, this vision is associated with the many challenges and difficulties faced when picking up where someone else left off, especially if they did not manage their situation very well. The only way to improve the situation is to take the high road, do good deeds in service to others, and focus on having positive thoughts.

A bloody knife

Having a dream where you receive a set of knives as a gift, whether it is from someone you are close to or not, is an ill omen which suggests you are soon to fall victim to fraud or be deceived by someone you trusted. This issue is likely to cause some major problems in your life if it occurs. Therefore it may be wise to carefully take into account all available information and offers received before making important decisions.

Receiving a set of knives

Dreaming about a knife that has a prominent place or stands out on a tabletop reflects some deep-seated fear or anxiety concerning interacting with new, unfamiliar people or starting a new romantic relationship. The cause of this fear is likely past experience and memories of previous trials and errors. This vision is a message from the subconscious which indicates it is time to overcome these feelings and give other people a chance before doubting them and yourself.

A knife on the table

Dreaming about a beautifully designed, special knife is often interpreted as a sign that you are soon to receive a gift from someone. This is likely to come from out of nowhere, and you may find it to be a pleasant surprise that this person was thinking about you. However, this person’s generosity may not be completely without ulterior motives. They may have some other plans in the works which may work out better for them if they have your cooperation or goodwill.

A fancy knife

Having a dream where you are unsuccessfully trying to use a dull knife is a message from your subconscious. This message suggests that it is time to grow up and behave more maturely because the world does not revolve around you.

If you are currently concerned about a project or endeavor you are working on, envisioning a dull knife may also represent needing to let go of inhibiting fears and doubts which may be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

A dull knife

Dreaming about a lost knife, whether you were intending to use it at that moment or not, suggests you find sexual activities to be a chore or an obligation rather than something to be enjoyed. You may have some intimacy issues or are experiencing a lack of drive due to worry, stress, and fatigue. For a male who experiences this vision, it can be interpreted as a sign that they tend to view women as objects for sex instead of full human beings, which inhibits their ability to relax or act normally in a public or social setting.

If this symbol is seen in a dream vision, you may want to make changes to your routine and habits in order to improve your interaction with the opposite gender.

A lost knife

Buying a decorative knife in a dream vision suggests you have a personality which tends to command people or make them bend to your iron will. You may be bullying people into having your way or guilting them into doing things they aren’t interested in just because it benefits you. This may even extend to your spouse or partner, who should be your equal, but in reality may be coerced into serving your every whim.

If you continue to push your desires on others, you may find yourself alone when all is said and done.

Buying a knife

Having a dream where you see or use a pocketknife can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to experience some major changes in you life or that a particular situation you are in is about to be turned on its side. More specifically, pocket knives suggest conflict among family members, particularly over domestic issues.

If the blades of the pocketknife were exposed in some way, it may suggest falling victim to the interference of rivals or other jealous people.

If the blades were hidden, however, it may suggest you are soon to be betrayed by someone you care about deeply, most likely a lover or romantic partner.

A pocket knife

Envisioning yourself cutting something with a knife in a dream is actually a sign that you may be in grave danger in wake life. Cutting in a vision actually portends being either the witness or victim of some terrible accident or heinous crime, more likely the latter than the former. You may be on the receiving end of someone’s aggressive, belligerent behavior or their violent actions. Additionally, cutting something in a dream vision may also represent wrestling with some psychological dilemma which seems to have no clear answer or conclusion. It may lead to some negative repercussions if not taken care of or solved appropriately.

Cutting something with a knife

Having a dream where you run across or see a large pile of knives is often interpreted as a sign that someone else’s words and actions have offended you in some way. This person’s behavior has disappointed you because you thought better of them or they may have insulted you, causing some embarrassment or shame. The person who has hurt you is likely someone you are close to, like a family member or someone you interact with on a daily basis.

A pile of knives

Sharpening a knife or other sharp cutting implement in a dream vision is a highly ominous sign reflecting internal evil. Just as Shylock sharpened his knife in the Merchant of Venice in eager anticipation of killing Antonio, so does this dream portend you have it out for someone. Additionally, this symbol can also serve as a predictor of coming conflict with someone you know quite well. This disagreement has the potential to escalate to a larger fight and may even come to physical blows. Another interpretation of this image refers to becoming involved in a task or project which eats up a lot of time and only produces minimal gains.

Sharpening a knife

Seeing knives that are placed in the shape of a cross is an ominous sign associated with experiencing or witnessing violence in wake life. Specifically, this vision carries the interpretation of observing murder, abuse, or the effects of war somewhere near where you live. You may need to find somewhere else to hide and wait out these events for your protection and the safety of those closest to you.

Crossed knives

Handing a knife to someone either to hold or to use carries the prediction that other people, rivals or competitors, are making plans against you. However, you are aware of these schemes and are preparing counter-measures to prevent them from occurring or at least limit their effectiveness. While this dream vision does not indicate whether or not you would be successful, it does suggest that you should continue to be on the lookout for those who may cause you trouble.

Handing a knife to someone

Envisioning yourself riding a knife in a dream vision, as though it were a horse, bicycle, or motorcycle, suggests you do not pay enough attention to matters of the home, particularly domestic matters such as cleaning, cooking, or protection.

If not rectified, these oversights may inhibit your ability to provide a safe, comfortable living space for your family to reside in. You might consider focusing more of your effort on chores and meeting the needs of your family, or, if you do not possess these skills currently, taking a class or asking advice to become more knowledgeable in this area.

Riding on a knife

Having a dream where you metaphorically feel like you have been stabbed with a knife, such as from insult or shame, is an ill omen that you are soon to experience events which may affect your emotional and physical well-being. Specifically, this vision can be interpreted to mean that stress and anguish are about to fill your life and wreak havoc on your peace of mind and physical health. You should be cautious of strangers or other people you do not know well and be especially mindful of those who have caused you trouble in the past.

Feeling your heart stabbed with a knife

Envisioning yourself throwing a knife at a target, either as a circus performer or something more sinister, suggests using underhanded means to achieve your goals. The throwing of knives is symbolically linked to fraud and identity theft, indicating the illegal nature of these doings.

If left unchecked, these actions may become more bold and lead to remorse and self-reproach in the future.

Throwing a knife

Seeing or trying to use a knife without a blade in a dream vision is often interpreted as a negative sign. It predicts being mugged, robbed, or cheated out of your possessions, leaving you with nothing but useless, unnecessary items. You may want to keep a close eye on your personal belongings and surroundings lest you are caught unawares. Additionally, a bladeless knife also means that your hedonistic and self-gratifying behavior is likely to lead to multiple problems in your life if left unchecked. These issues may affect you personal health, finances, or the emotional well-being of you and those close to you.

A knife without a blade

Admiring a knife for its sharpness, cleanliness, or precision suggests having a personality which picks up bad habits easily. It also indicates questionable moral standing and a tendency to look out only for yourself. You may want to consider seeking help to eliminate these qualities or you may find yourself alone and disliked in the future.

Admiring a knife

Envisioning yourself brandishing a knife wildly in front of others in a dream vision is an ominous sign associated with conflict. This is most often tied to disagreements with people you engage with on a regular basis, such as family members, good friends, or coworkers. These issues may start small but are likely to escalate to quarrels or physical altercations quickly without proper intervention.

Brandishing a knife

Finding a knife in a dream vision, such as one that was hidden, misplaced, or in an unusual location, represents your attention to detail and careful consideration of options before choosing a course of action. Taking the time to weigh the pros and cons of a certain situation and think about the possible repercussions is especially important if you are starting a new endeavor or if you have gained an extra responsibility.

Finding a knife

Having a knife pressed to your throat in a dream vision, despite the fear it might invoke, is more often associated with being annoyed and pestered than any actual violence. In particular, a knife against the throat suggests other people making demands on your time, presence, knowledge, experience and money. The endless requests are likely to be frustrating and may drain you of your energy and resources if you are not careful.

A knife by the throat

If a stranger points a knife at you in a dream vision, particularly if it was perceived as an attempt to stab or injure you, it portends major changes occurring in your private life. These changes can be either positive or negative and may be related to your family, finances or living situation. Having a stranger pull a knife on you in a dream can also indicate becoming involved or mixed up in a large-scale fight or series of misunderstandings.

A stranger pointing a knife at you

Being in a dream where you happen to see or are intently watching someone cutting things up with a knife is a warning that you are toeing the line with your words and actions. Seeing this symbol in a dream vision suggests that your behavior may be on the border of what is considered acceptable by polite society. You may even think you are above such trivial rules or that the other people in your life, such as friends, family, etc., have no idea about this side of your personality. However, if they do not already suspect your true character, this vision predicts they are about to find out, and you may have to make some recompense to make up for the harm you caused.

Someone cutting things with a knife

Dreaming about polishing a knife so that it is clean and shiny is a positive sign associated with being involved in a happy event with close friends and family members. In particular, this vision suggests a wedding or some other large gathering during which you can spend time with and enjoy the company of people you really get along with.

Polishing a knife

Getting a cut on your hands from a knife or small sword represents some period of unhappiness and conflict developing in wake life. In many situations, rectifying the situation would require some sacrifice on your part. For instance, a disagreement over household chores in your family may require you to spend less time playing video games and more time folding laundry. Those who have developed a particularly bad habit, like vaping or recreational weed smoking, may find that continued use puts a strain on relationships with those who do not maintain the same habit.

Cutting my hands with a knife

Dreaming that someone is trying to kill you with a knife represents an unconscious desire to make a change in your love life. Perhaps you have recently met someone new or saw someone who peaked your interest. Even if you are in a committed relationship, lust may be playing a role in your roaming eye. You would have to decide if the risk is worth the reward in pursuing your desires.

Someone trying to kill me with a knife

Knives in dreams generally allude to conflict and discord developing within your relationships, especially those involving family members and close friends. The knife in this instance symbolizes the threat of severing ties and bonds with your loved ones. In addition, wounded arms represent your inability to get yourself together as well as a difficulty to reach out. Your conflict and misunderstanding with your mother may be reaching its boiling point which could make it more difficult to patch things up with her.

Mother threatening with knives

A dream wherein you see a man throwing knives at you is symbolic of some harsh words and actions from an individual in your waking life. You might encounter a person who would try to create problems for you through their spiteful attitude. They would do this to discourage you from forging ahead. However, the notion of you being able to overpower that person indicates that you would easily handle all their hatred and antipathy towards you. Your inner strength would help you get on with your life. Keep yourself away from negative people to avoid trouble.

Someone throwing knives and overpowering him

The idea that you were in a new house at the beginning of this vision suggests there are multiple paths open to you that could lead to wealth, prosperity and happiness. However, the unfriendly presence in and around the house may reveal your hesitation to take the opportunities available to you, perhaps because you fear they would upset others or cause rifts in some relationships. Your presence in the kitchen the next day further supports this interpretation, as kitchens tend to be associated with stress. Your perceived invisibility, at least to your parents, suggests you cannot appeal to them for advice or support. It may very well mean there are only few people you can turn to in this situation. The last part, being chased by your ex with a knife, predicts major changes taking place in your future. Though whether you will be able to make positive changes based on the chances you have been given or would be stuck without the support you need is unclear.

Ex boyfriend threatening with a knife

A sharp knife is often thought to represent the loss of something important to you in a material sense, like breaking a gift given to you by a dearly departed family member or damaging an article of clothing that you wore to a special occasion. The case you see this knife in could have two possible meanings. Either you would be able to prevent or mitigate the damage through care, or you would be able to repurpose the item in a way that pays homage to the original item.

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