Dream Interpretation of Jaguar

Dream Interpretation of Jaguar

What does it meaning Jaguar in the dream?

To dream of a jaguar demonstrates the premonition of a behavior of astonishing speed, an energy in constant increase and the personal supremacy in ideas and creativity. A jaguar symbolizes feelings or powerful willpower, comfort in the activities and even intelligence to face matters in little time.

If you dream of a jaguar resting on the floor of your house you should not made a mistake and wrong to use your physical force in a work or in a domestic task; you think first and later act.

Dreaming of a jaguar that moves around your work is omen of a bothersome work situation or family that will face with intelligence and hard hand. However, the dream about a jaguar almost always points out security and trust in yourself to make a decision or to help a person. It will stimulate you to face or will force to be grown and to be stronger to you without being unpleasant or incorrect in the treatment with other people.

The jaguar is an animal of prey that is associated with darkness and can personify defense mechanisms. You might consider whether you are using passive aggressive tendencies in your approach. As a feline, it can show aspects of the unconscious that are leading you to hide your real intentions and patterns in thinking that are undermining your ability to find fulfillment. The behavior of the jaguar can demonstrate how your thinking is making you hide at the same time that these tendencies can spring out ‘to bite you.’ Its message is to let go of fear and become more forthright about what you need.

Seeing a jaguar

Seeing a jaguar is a prediction of some exotic pleasure you will experience soon. This pleasurable moment is most likely a physical act, like dining at a classy or unusual restaurant. This can also predict an intimate encounter with someone you are sexually attracted to or always wanted to have sex with. Alternatively, Freudian psychology suggests a fear of your own sexuality. Due to your religious upbringing or societal pressure, you may be afraid to give in to your desires for fear of being judged.

Seeing a jaguar

Being able to communicate with a wild jaguar can be interpreted as a sign that you are ready to get in touch with certain aspects of your sexuality that you were not willing or able to explore before. This may have been because of outside pressure to behave a certain way or internal worries about how your actions would be perceived. The nine diamonds that the jaguar gave you from its mouth symbolize wanting to achieve something great, usually in regards to becoming wealthy. You could be confused about whether or not you can or should mix your sexuality with attaining these goals. The answer is unclear in this vision, but perhaps this dream is more of a message from your subconscious to look at the situation objectively and perhaps seek council from someone older and wiser than yourself.

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