Dream Interpretation of Insulation

Dream Interpretation of Insulation

What does it meaning Insulation in the dream?

Insulation is a protection against the elements, and an essential item that keeps you warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is hot outside. Insulation is a dream symbol of security and safety.

If you dream about putting insulation in your house, this indicates that you currently feel insecure or unsafe, and that you are trying to do what you can to fix the situation.
It is worth noting that insulation as a dream symbol is not a protection against personal threats; instead, it is a protection against impersonal, broad threats such as generalized bad times, or even specifically the weather.
In times of high stress, it is common to feel that your life has metaphorical drafts and leaks, which undermine the hard work you are doing to create the life you want for yourself. Your dream about insulation may provide the insight you need to identify the places in your life where inefficiencies are causing you to feel this frustration.

A dream with the isolation of the social atmosphere living amid a forest or a desert indicates that you need of tranquility, of to take fresh air or to enjoy a leisure time. The isolation symbolizes necessity of peace and love generally.

Dreaming of the isolation of a cave or in a solitary island it is omened personal tensions by intense stress and absence of the necessary rest of the weekends.

If you dream of the isolation in the middle of a calm sea and of blue intense color you will enjoy some wonderful days in the country house of some colleagues. You should remind the details of this type of dream then the environment it could advise you to enjoy a free space, of a barbecue with friends or of a cruise with your couple alone. In this sense, the activity change your surroundings would be good sufficiently.

Insulation is representative of security, affection and warmth. You feel safe in your current situation.

Dreaming of insulation signifies protective tendencies. It is something used in erecting walls that controls temperature. Therefore insulation can symbolize how one ‘insulates’ themselves from feelings.

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