Dream Interpretation of Hose

Dream Interpretation of Hose

What does it meaning Hose in the dream?

If you dream of a water hose, this is a symbol of purification, life-giving nourishment, and fertility. The exact meaning of this dream depends on the circumstances and symbols surrounding the symbol, as well as your emotions during the dream. For instance, if you dream that you are watering a plant with a hose, this indicates the pouring out of your own energies to nourish a pet project or dream.
If you use a hose to wash something off, this is a sign that there is an energy blockage in you that needs to be cleared. Do yoga, meditate, and do deep breathing exercises to find this blockage and remove it so that your energies can once again flow strongly and clear.

To dream of a hose represents a conscious direction of energy. Total devotion to a problem or issue. Not caring about anything except a particular issue. Totally focused on something you are responsible for. A sign that something may have gotten out of control or is threatening to. Streamlining decisions or your focus. Negatively, a hose may reflect obsessions or distractions.

A dream of a hose can symbolize? both purification, life-giving nourishment, and fertility because of the water power – or – relating sexual drive or male organ.

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