Dream Interpretation of Horse

Dream Interpretation of Horse

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What does it meaning Horse in the dream?

A horse symbolizes the force, the vitality, the speed, and the resistance, as well as the fidelity above all what shows up day by day.

To dream of a horse also demonstrates to have control on the things and to direct the steps accurately toward an objective.

If you dream of a horse galloping on a grass very green and soft you will be involved in the statement of the ethical values of a juvenile team of baseball.

Dreaming of a horse that pastures in the back yard of your house it advises to be less arrogant and more practical in your public matters.Frequently, this type of dream reflects the mystery and the sensibility of loving people of the horsemanship and of the danger. Such a dream is commonly linked with the adrenaline and the will of all those that see in the risks their space of life.

The horse is a ‘spirited’ animal and can appear in dreams when you are exploring issues of spirituality. Also associated with racing, the horse can be a symbol of enthusiasm and a desire to win. As an image of ‘horsing around’ the horse can also be a clue that you need to take life more seriously

A beautiful horse

Dreaming of observing or seeing beautiful horses from a distance often brings the promise of upcoming prosperity and success, regardless of what you do in particular. That is, the impeding success is not dependent upon your specific current actions.

A beautiful horse

Dreaming of riding on a white horse often symbolizes that the relationships you may have with your friends or people who are close to you currently have solid and unbreakable ties. These bounds will probably improve and take the relationship further. Moreover, it could also be an indication that you cherish and value your friends and make every encounter with them meaningful, worthy and unforgettable for everyone involved.

Riding a white horse

Dreaming of observing or riding on a dirty, shabby, untidy or unclean horse often means that there is a close relationship that is about to disappoint you. You should be suspicious about someone that you hold in great esteem and trust, for that person may be about to deceive you, or trick you in a despicable manner.

An unclean horse

Dreaming of riding on a raven, black or dark-colored horse often symbolizes the sudden realization of how meaningless, irrelevant and unworthy of attention is some perhaps successful relationship, business, or activity which you are currently involved in. That is, something which is currently attracting your dedication and efforts suddenly reveals itself as a looming and unfruitful endeavor.

A black horse

Seeing a hopping sand-colored horse in a dream may symbolize that the worry-free and happy-go-lucky life you have been leading may suddenly become hectic and stressful. That is, the holiday-like existence suggested by the color sand is hopping, rather than strolling. Alternatively, just like a jump that holds over ground but only temporarily, you may be succumbing to activities or passions which are destined to be superficial, short-lived, and temporary.

A sand-colored horse

Dreaming of observing or riding on a horse with more than one color, or pied horse, suggests that the completion of a project will probably bring future revenues, or other kinds of personal advantages. Alternatively, the start of a new venture is what will probably bring those benefits. That is, where one of the horse’s colors ends the other harmoniously starts, and it is such conjugation that may bring you positive outcomes.

A pied horse

Dreaming about riding on a magnificent dapple horse, with spots spread over its body, represents your ability to follow through and realize your boldest desires or aspirations. That is, you will achieve an outstanding and rare deed, in the same way dapple horses are uncommon and wonderful. Alternatively, you will achieve a higher social status, and thereafter be more respected and admired by those around you.

A dapple horse

Dreaming of observing a horse leaving you and returning to a herd of wild horses is often a sign of imminent negative news, news that would have an emotionally negative impact on you. That is, that with which you had a good relationship suddenly returns to the place where the wild, unknown and unpredictable things are. For example, a disease is something that represents the possibility of death, though merely the possibility. Then, knowing that someone is ill will bring that unknown aspect into the relationship between you and the sick person.

A horse returning to the wild herd

Crossing a stream or a small river with clear water on a horse back in a dream often is a good sign. It represents that you are able to surpass any obstacles that are put in front of you. You should expect luck, and the success in your activities. Please note that the interpretation of this symbol is associated with the transparency of the water, and the reaching of the other side.

If the water is rather murky, dark or unclean, you should expect instead hardships, and great impediments.

If you fail to cross the river, than your project may not be completed at all.

Crossing a stream on a horse

Dreaming that a horse carries you on its back while it is swimming through a deep river often indicates that you will probably receive profits and be successful in your plans, aspirations and businesses. That is, you will arrive to the other side of the river, alongside the object of your attention. This object, such as a person or a task, can be expected to bring you great achievements.

Crossing a deep river on a horse

Dreaming of looking at, or coming across an injured or dead horse often portends the receiving of some unpleasant or disappointing news. These news are related to something to which you have dedicated yourself to in past or present times. Something tragic might come to that particular project or relationship, and you would now have to deal with the consequences of those unfortunate events.

Injured or dead horse

Dreams about trying to ride or tame a wildly kicking horse are often a symbol of great future obstacles. These obstacles would be related to your current intentions or plans about starting up a project, or achieving a particular goal. That is, the development or implementation of your idea will probably offer great resistance.

Trying to ride a kicking horse

Dreaming about being kicked off a horse’s saddle, or about being kicked by the horse often foretells a period of sickness and weakness. Alternatively, it may mean that you should expect battles and confrontations with enemies, competitors or adversaries, and you will be defeated at least once. In both cases, you might be temporarily unable to carry forward your projects or relationships.

Being kicked by a horse

Dreaming about looking at and admiring a newly-shod horse predicts that your success has positively surprised and bewildered you. You have surpassed your most optimistic expectations. For women, this dream can mean that you will find someone who merits your trust and devotion. You may even want to maintain a romantic relationship with this person that lasts for the rest of your life.

Admiring a shod horse

Dreaming that you participate in a horse race is an emotionally positive symbol. You are riding a good horse in a very good company, for a particular and fortunate cause. Such dream represents the blessing of your current affairs, and in particular a blessing of prosperity and luck.

Horse races

Dreaming about shoeing a horse on your own is a symbol of the acquisition of a great amount of property or other material possessions in a questionable, dishonest or illegal way. That is, the circumstances via which you came into the ownership of some material good are of a dubious ethical nature.

Shoeing a horse

Dreaming of observing yourself easily riding on an unsaddled horse often means you will encounter some hardships and tough times. However, you will eventually be able to overcome such obstacles, and subsequently experience a comfortable and prosperous existence. Your friends may prove useful by providing help. They may be partly responsible for your successful resolution of the issues or problems which have arisen.

Unsaddled horse

For women, the dream of seeing themselves on a fast horseback riding may symbolize the uncertain nature of their wishes and desires. That is, you do not know what to do with your life, and simply see yourself from a distance speeding through your life, paying little attention to what exists around you. You may also be excessively reliant on someone, to the point of becoming too dependent and becoming unable to do anything on your own.

Horseback riding for females

Dreaming that a horse is being cleaned with a brush by you or someone else is often a symbol of experiencing some current and great hardships. It is not easy to brush a horse up until it becomes admirably beautiful. That is, the dream may mean that you might have to go through a great ordeal before achieving your goals, and seeing your success recognized and accepted.

Brushing a horse

Dreaming that you are adorning a horse’s mane or tail with flowers or garlands is often a very positive sign for businessman, farmers and all those in the writing and publishing business. It often speaks of being blessed with success or fame. That is, you will succeed in your endeavors in a gallant manner.

Adorning horse’s mane and tail

Dreaming about seeing several harnessed horses, tied up together and ready for a joint venture, such as pulling a cart, is a simultaneously positive and negative symbol. It suggests that on the road to happiness and prosperity, there may be great obstacles and difficulties ahead. In this case, you would first need to overcome some hard tasks and rough paths. Only after would you succeed, and finally start feeling happy and comfortable.

Harnessed horses

Dreaming that you are riding on a horseback through a steep and narrow mountain road, while aiming for the top of the mountain is a positive sign. It often means that you have reached a very stable, focused and worry-free existence. That is, you are comfortably seated on the horseback, steadily advancing towards your most desired objective. However, if the horse becomes exhausted and the road to the top involves a final track that must be done on foot, you should probably expect that the stability of your path is about to end. That is, you would have to first surmount some difficulties, and make some great individual efforts before finally achieving the desired objective.

Horseback ride to top of mountain

For women, horseback riding a black horse in a dream symbolizes the realization of their desires via some unexpected circumstance, or lucky coincidence. That is, you most probably will see your desires and aspirations come true. However, this positive outcome resulted not from your own efforts, but from chance factors. To assure success, you should also benefit from talking with wise people, who are genuinely concerned about your future and seek some much needed advice.

Riding on a black horse for females

Dreaming of seeing yourself descend from the top of a mountain on a horseback suggests that that unfortunate circumstances and hardships may enter your life. Since you are comfortably sitting on the horse, each however effortless step is taking you further and further away from you objectives and aspirations.

Descending from the mountaintop on a horse

For women, dreaming about riding a horse, with your current lover sitting right behind you on the horse back is usually a good sign. It often means that you will receive a lot of attention from an interesting and successful admirer, perhaps even from several admirers.

Riding on a horse with the lover behind

Dreaming of seeing yourself descend from the top of a mountain on a horseback suggests that that unfortunate circumstances and hardships may enter your life. Since you are comfortably sitting on the horse, each however effortless step is taking you further and further away from you objectives and aspirations.

Scared while riding on a horse

For a woman, dreaming about turning into a pig as soon as getting off a horse, and hitting the ground, is often an ambivalent symbol. It encompasses the possibility of having illustrious and respectable admirers seeking your attention. However, it further includes the possibility of rejecting your admirers’ advances in a rash, unthoughtful and inconsiderate manner. Soon you may however realize that you were unrightfully a pig for those worthy others who sought your attention, and will probably regret having done so.

Turning into a pig after getting off the horse

Dreaming about riding on a white horse while being followed by someone on a black horse often translates a worry. In particular, you may be concerned with the success and completion of one of your current main projects or relationships. You may be afraid of miserably failing to see it to a good end, or see it succeed. Alternatively, it may be that you experience periods of success, and periods of disappointment. At times, your current main project shines. However, sometimes, it becomes gloomy. Such constant switch is probably making you preoccupied.

Riding on a white and followed by a black horse

Dreaming of seeing a group of horses posing or grazing in the field suggests that your business or venture is nicely and effectively set up. Your business partners will join your efforts, act to your advantage, and support this project’s success and good fortune. The symbol speaks of collectively pleasant and relaxed circumstances regarding something which you are currently interested in pursuing.

A herd of horses grazing in the field

Dreaming of observing a herd of horses grazing in a barren field or pasture often is a positive sign. It suggests that you are or will be surrounded by poor and yet very valuable and dedicated friend. Symbolically speaking, the horses are eating alongside each other and amicably sharing their meager resources. Nevertheless, there is an overall pleasant atmosphere.

If the dreamer is a woman, this may rather reveal the possibility of a happy marriage, characterized by peaceful and enjoyable relationships between household members.

Horses grazing in a barren field

Dreaming about observing or encountering a horse seller is often a sign of future risky and uncertain commercial or business dealings. Although of a dubious nature, such transactions may prove to be advantageous. These may bring a lot of profit and prosperity for you and your family. That is, it is possible that you will bet on the right horse.

Someone selling a horse

Dreaming about seeing yourself buy a horse and soon realizing that you were swindled or fooled by the seller portends the possibility of material losses. You may soon lose some valuable or cherished property or possession.

Buying a horse

Having a dream about selling horses, while retaining the best horse in your possession, is a very positive sign. It commonly means that your choices regarding your current affairs will be blessed with good fortune and success. That is, you will probably make wise choices regarding your projects or possessions, discarding unnecessary or invaluable investments.

Selling a horse

White horses are a not always a positive symbol. It rather depends on the particular relationship held with the horse and the ongoing actions. For example dreams that involve watching a white horse from a distance reaching towards you may indicate that someone will righteously file a complaint against you, or righteously oppose to the completion of your current project or relationship. However, if you are a woman, such observation may bring the promise of a fruitful marriage.

A white horse in general

Dreaming of seeing yourself trying to or being in the process of getting off a horse’s back often represents the possibility of negative changes. In particular, you may be about to face some changes in your life which will not be in your favor nor bring any benefits. Symbolically speaking, you are leaving behind the comfort of the horseback, and about to start your path on foot.

Getting off a horse

Dreaming about sitting on the back of a standing horse means you will meet someone who will become your most trusted and reliable friend. It can also mean that you will receive help and support from friends who are very close to you, and with whom you hold a very good relationship. Moreover, their intervention will arrive in a time of undeniable need. That is, you will rest on a quiet and welcoming horse.

Sitting on a standing horse

Dreaming about a horse or horses which are part of the cavalry or a squadron often suggests that you may soon be fully involved in all sorts of political actions. Alternatively, you may get involved in some social relations affairs, or social scandals. In common, the interpretation speaks of the public visibility and notoriety of some of your upcoming actions, projects or relations. In itself, this is neither a good nor a bad sign. It simply tells you that the public’s eyes might turn towards your social, legal, institutional or political deeds.

Horses as part of cavalry

Dreaming about seeing or encountering a draft horse, large enough to be used for pulling heavy loads, often translates your worry about your domestic chores, your house renovation, or your household members. That is, there is a particular domestic aspect of your life which is causing you such a great preoccupation that the draft horse is required for its transportation, for moving it about.

Draft horse

Dreaming of watching yourself on a fast horse ride while being followed by other riders often foretells the receiving of long-awaited news. That is, you have not slowed down your pace while waiting, for a long period of time, for some message, answer or reply. Finally, the other riders are right behind you, catching up with your speed with the intention of delivering it to you.

Riding on a horse and followed by others

Having a dream about being close to a neighing horse, or of taming a wildly-kicking horse is a good sign. It usually suggests that you will become successful in business, get promoted or receive long-awaited profits regarding a project or venture you have been working on. In both cases, the horse is manifesting its nature in a non-disagreeable manner.

Neighing or wild horse

Dreaming about riding on a lame horse means that your plans or aspirations could involve temporary difficulties, in such a way that you might be rendered unable to fulfill them. That is, your projects or relationships are as if injured or ill, and will not have the expected positive outcome.

A lame horse

Dreams involving visions of horses pulling a nice-looking cart, such as those which usually carry newlyweds, are a very positive sign. These often speak of gaining the respect and admiration of those people who are prominent, and have a high social status. That is, you could become famous amongst other reputable peers.

Horses pulling a nice-looking cart

Dreaming that you are taking a horse to drink water from a water hole, a river stream or a water source is a sign of seeing one’s good health preserved, or one’s ill condition improved. That is, by offering your horse the possibility of enjoying the biologically fundamental life-enhancing water resource, you are assuring that its life is nourished and satisfied.

Taking a horse to a water hole

Dreaming about taking care or grooming a horse means you are about to meet a person who will become your best friend. That is, a very important relationship is developing under your thoughtful attention. This relationship will prove itself to be reciprocal, in that you will also be similarly helped, supported and assisted by your friend during a time of need.

Grooming a horse

Dreaming about slapping or hitting a horse is a bad sign. It suggests that you are being careless, inattentive, and even perhaps hostile regarding someone you hold dear to your heart. Such dream may further foretell that you are about to lose that significant other due to your own unthoughtful actions.

Slapping or hitting a horse

Dreaming about losing control and becoming unable to ride on a disobedient or wild horse is a bad omen. It usually reveals your proneness to act or react inappropriately. That is, you may become overwhelmed by, or fail to counteract the actions and behavior of those who are competing against you, or trying to interfere with your business projects. By losing the charge of your own plans, you may even end up becoming unable to complete them.

Disobedient horse

Dreaming about being presented with or of being offered horse meat reveals that you will probably experience lengthy, complicated and humiliating procurements or decision-making processes. That is, you will be invited to choose between receiving or refusing the gift, none of which would be a very good choice. Either one may bring you disappointments and confusion.

Being presented with horse meat

Dreams about dealing with or seeing an aggressive horse warns you about possible traveling accidents. You are advised to postpone or avoid the trip altogether. You should also avoid paying a visit to someone, if such commute involves driving or flying. That is, you should expect that any journey that you might plan in the short run could result in negative outcomes. The horse violently resists carrying you around.

An aggressive horse

Being surpassed, bested or beaten by a speeding horse warns you to be cautious. You should be wary about a close friend’s intention, since that person might soon betray the trust and confidence you have devoted them. That is, you should expect that even a close friend may turn into an enemy or adversary, and try to outwit, degrade or humiliate you.

A quickly-approaching horse

Dreaming about trying to ride on an inanimate horse, the statue of a horse, or the drawing of a horse usually means you might be subjected to a critical observation failure. Namely, there may be fundamental characteristics about other people, and about particular activities that you leave unnoticed. Therefore, you will interact with those people and activities in an inappropriate and unfruitful manner, and become exposed to negative and unfavorable circumstances. You may even soon realize that your plans went down the drain, and you failed to achieve your objectives. That is, you failed to notice that the horse was not fit to ride, it was not alive.

Trying to ride an inanimate horse

Having a dream about looking from above at a scattered herd of horses scattering is usually a negative sign. You are not interacting with the people and projects of interest, and these people and projects are also not interacting with each other. You are simply observing them from a distance. This often translates impeding misfortune and complications. That is, you had a distant and bird view over that with which you should be relating to.

Bird-eye view of horses scattering around

Dreaming that a draft horse is pulling a heavy load is commonly an indication that you tend to take on your own shoulders an excessive amount of responsibilities. You are, or will be the first one to overload yourself with issues and problems which should or could be shared with others for an lighter and smoother resolution. That is, the draft horse is single-handedly managing an inadequately large amount of weight. Bringing on more draft horses could only make the task easier.

A draft horse pulling a heavy load

Dreaming that an exhausted horse is unable to pull the cart is a symbol of upcoming hard work and duties. These obligations will demand a great amount of personal time and energy investment, before they are completed to your satisfaction. It is also possible that eventually you will feel tired during the progression of the task.

An exhausted horse

Seeing yourself covering a horse with a blanket in a dream is often a warning. You should watch your spending habits and change the ways you acquire things. You should find a balance between your budget and your expenses. Otherwise, you will risk finding yourself in a sort of homeless person situation. However, the interpretation changes when the blanket is well-crafted and its purpose was protecting the horse. In this case, you should expect to be pleasantly surprised with the outcomes of something you have been trying to accomplish.

Covering a horse with a blanket

Having a dream about hand-feeding a horse often means that you will be busy taking care of those around you. You will dedicate some time, effort and energy with the objective of helping those who are close to you, and with whom you have a good relationship. This especially applies to those people who are presently in a time of need. Despite such sympathetic dedication, you will not perhaps be giving without seeing any return. That is, it may be that you end up being rewarded by your altruistic actions. For example, you could end up having built the foundations of a stronger and better relationship with the supported person.

Hand-feeding a horse

Dreaming about watching a horse run in an enclosed horse racing track facility could be an indication that one of your friends or acquaintances may be facing some difficulties. That person may even be unable to deal with such hardships alone, and your help may be of benefit. Be ready to lend a helping hand, and you might be surprised at how quickly these problems can be solved. That is, the horse in running around in circles, with no visible or current exit possibility.

Watching a horse at a horse-racing track

Dreaming about a stallion usually means propensity to success. Stallions are a symbol of power and virility. They alone are responsible for the breeding, and those who were chosen, due to the quality of their genes, to generate offspring. That is, the plans, activities and people that currently captivate your interest can only but benefit from your presence and actions. You will probably overachieve at whatever you are currently doing.

Horse as a stallion

Dreaming about seeing or being close to a mare is sign of domestic prosperity. Mares are a symbol of fertility and docility. They attend to their offspring with loving care. Therefore, you should expect that the atmosphere surrounding you and your household will be very warm, pleasant and affectionate. Every aspect involving you home is expected to progress nicely.

Horse as a mare

Horseshoes typically are a symbol of good fortune. Dreaming about finding a horseshoe or accidentally coming across a horseshoe is thus an indication of good luck. You will probably be positively surprised by some unexpected occurence that you are about to experience in your life. For women, this dream may suggest that you will find a very caring and reliable life partner. You will start an intimate relationship with someone with whom you will want to spend the rest of your days with, and who is worthy of such desire.

Finding a horseshoe

Dreaming that you are trying to fit a small or broken horseshoe on a horse is not a very positive sign. It usually translates the proneness for being blamed for fraudulent or questionable activities, and going through a difficult, grieving, uneasy and uncomfortable process as a result. Alternatively, you may also be trying to unjustly blame someone. That is, the wrong shoe is being put on you, or on some acquaintance of yours.

Fitting a small horseshoe on a horse

Having a dream about being near or seeing a spooked horse suggests that one of your most cherished intimate relationships may be going through a rough patch. Negative feelings, such as jealousy and mistrust, may be abundant. These may be having a negative impact on both of you. It is even possible that the near future might bring a breakup. It is therefore advised to firstly attend to these feelings, and work on building more positive relationship foundations. That is, a spooked horse is a symbol of presently experienced emotional negativity. It is important to deal with it.

A spooked horse

Dreaming that you are observing or riding on an undernourished horse often portends hardships and difficulties. It may be that there will be obstacles standing in your way preventing you from progressing and achieving all the things you deem important. Note that this struggle is not necessarily restricted to the resources availability, as the horse’s famine might suggest. That is, the struggle may be related to some other vital aspects of your activities or relationships.

An undernourished horse

Dreaming of seeing or riding on a well-harnessed horse is a very positive sign. You will probably meet someone who will become a great life partner, or whom you might marry. In both cases, this person will complement and enhance your life in every possible way. That is, the harnessing of the horse enhances the fit between the rider and the ride, and will allow you to benefit from the ride to the best of its potential.

Well-harnessed horse

A horse running free is a symbol of freedom and happiness. Dreaming about one suggests that a pleasant and enjoyable period is soon to follow. During this period, you can expect your dreams and aspirations to come true.

A horse running free

Having a dream about seeing a strange or unfamiliar person riding a horse is usually a negative sign. It translates the possibility of making an unpleasant discovery about your partner, namely that they are cheating on you. This news will probably arrive when a few additional signs suggestive of such infidelity have come about.

A stranger riding on a horse

Dreams involving the vision of a horse with a long and bushy tail usually suggest that you can rely on your friends. They will lend you a helping hand in any difficult situation or difficulty that you may come across. Alternatively, it may mean that you are about to fulfil your dreams, and experience happiness and success as a result. This applies to everything with which you are involved with, including marriage.

A horse with a long and bushy tail

Dreaming about opening the door and seeing a horse at your doorstep or in the backyard is a good sign. It commonly suggests that you have waited for a long time for the resolution of an old problem, issue or difficulty. This dream suggests that the resolution of this old problem may finally happen and allow you to move forward with your life.

A horse on the doorstep

Dreaming of seeing yourself traveling long distances or going on a horse to a faraway place in a dream is a positive sign. It often represents the possibility of coming across an unexpected but happy occurrence. Such event would benefit you and help you achieve your desires, wishes or aims.

Traveling long distances on a horse

Dreaming about riding a horse back and forth or round and round in one big circle may symbolize the existence of a permanent process between you and somebody else. For example, you may be corresponding with someone for quite some time, writing and reading the answers. The writing process in itself is often consists of writing and re-writing. Hence it may also be that this dream is not about corresponding with someone else, but about your own writing process.

Riding a horse back and forth

Dreaming that a horse enters your bedroom while you are sleeping or fantasizing may speak of your sexual desires. In particular, you may be sexually attracted to someone specific and wishing that this person would go into the bedroom with you.

A horse entering bedroom

Dreaming about seeing a horse carry valuable commodities on its back is a negative symbol. Namely, you may soon be demoted at work, or be discarded and substituted by someone better-skilled or more efficient. That is, your skills and effectiveness seem to be insufficient compared to those required of someone holding your current professional status or job.

A horse carrying valuable goods

Dreaming that you allow a horse to run free usually foretells a happy and fortunate occurrence. You can probably expect to experience or be involved in a very pleasant event in the near future.

Letting a horse run free

Dreaming about observing a criminal getting away from justice on a horse is commonly a very positive sign. It may mean that you will be able to avoid some impeding danger due to the use of your own good judgment and analytical skills. That is, the fugitive was smart enough to use the available runaway means. Similarly, you may also be able to do likewise when faced with a menace and skillfully return to safety.

A criminal getting away on a horse

Dreaming about a horse that fell on the ground by itself, or while you were riding it is a danger warning. It may happen that you may, accidentally and unexpectedly, soon go bankrupt or experience significant financial losses. Therefore, it is recommendable to pay some attention to your current finances.

A fallen horse

Dreaming about trying to catch a horse often means that you may soon experience some losses. For example, you may lose a project to someone else, a valuable asset or a cherished friend. Moreover, such losses may have come about as a consequence of your own negligence or lack of attention to what was happening around you.

Trying to catch a horse

Dreaming of seeing yourself ride on a horse-pulled sledge indicates you are about to start working on a new project. However, this activity will probably show itself to be very time and energy-consuming and a complete waste of your time. That is, your personal investment upon the fulfilment of the task may not be properly rewarded.

A horse pulling a sledge

Dreaming that you are being crushed by or under a horse due to an accident is a negative sign. It foretells the possibility of coming to experience some dramatic event. Alternatively, you may be caught off-guard and be surprised by other people’s behaviors in an unpleasant or tragic manner.

Being under a horse

Dreaming that you are milking a horse usually translates impeding life changes. These changes may be responsible for a lasting impression upon an otherwise untroubled and easy going life. That is, a bizarre occurrence will probably take place and be remembered for a very long time.

Milking a horse

Dreaming that you see yourself feed a bunch of horses in their individual stalls is a positive sign. It often foretells the possibility of receiving a surprising profit or advantage. Alternatively, you may also soon make peace with your enemies or adversaries. You may end up seeing everyone stand in an equally favorable position.

Feeding a group of horses

Seeing a horse shed or stall usually symbolizes good fortune and extreme luck. That is, some perhaps unexpected event will turn to your benefit. In particular, it could probably positively affect your overall life or at least a certain project or relationship that you currently have.

A horse shed

Dreaming of observing yourself riding on a cart or carriage pulled by three horses is neither a positive nor negative sign. Rather, it speaks of the possibility of having to pay a big price for an easily done favor. That is, you were perhaps helped by someone in the past and this person contributed to finding a solution for the problem you had. However, such offered help may end up costing you a lot.

Riding in a cart pulled by three horses

Dreaming of riding a horse to go somewhere and of whipping it in order not to get delayed is not a very positive sign. This is because this dream speaks of the need but also of the inability to fulfill the duties that someone has delegated to you. Despite your efforts to complete the task, you still do not manage to bring it to good terms. As a consequence, there is the likelihood of ending the relationship you had with those who delegated the task to you.

Whipping a horse in a hurry

Dreaming about falling off a horse and being dragged around on the ground translates the positive possibility of becoming wealthier. You may even acquire financial independence. This positive gain may have come about due to the employment of your own talents and skills.

Dragged against ground by a horse

Dreaming that you are talking to a horse or whispering into its ears may mean that you will soon be pleasantly surprised. In particular, you may be positively impressed by your own sympathetic and generous action of helping and supporting someone who is in need of help. Such altruistic and kind gesture will go around and come around. That is, later on, you may also be surprised by seeing such action come back to benefit you.

Talking to a horse

Dreaming about losing a horse and subsequently being in the process of trying to find it usually suggests that you will soon experience an unwanted separation or divorce. That is, you may currently have a relationship or project that you value. However, it is possible that it will soon end against your wishes. As a consequence, it is possible that you will make some anxious attempts to re-ignite them. Alternatively, you may fear that something you cherish may come to an end.

Losing a horse

Dreaming about having one of your horses stolen from you is usually a negative sign. It generally speaks of being separated from someone with whom you have an intimate relationship. For example, it may be that your partner is about to leave you, perhaps taking along your conjoint children. This decision to break up could perhaps be the result of existing incapability to sustain the relationship. Finally, the separation may also simply be the result of the death of your partner, of death stealing from you someone you loved.

A horse stolen from you

Having a dream about seeing or encountering a horse without a tail is a symbol of an upcoming conflict. It may be that you will get into a big argument or be involved in a struggle or misunderstanding that may be hard to clear up. Surpassing this conflict would probably be a hard task and some time may be needed for its proper resolution.

A horse without a tail

Dreaming that you are praying while riding or simply sitting on a horse often is a very positive vision. In particular, you may be about to gain the respect and admiration of those around you. Alternatively, you may obtain spiritual freedom and inner peace, either in your current life or in the afterlife.

Praying while on the horse

Dreaming about observing a horse roll on dusty grounds symbolizes prosperity and good fortune. That is, you may soon experience receiving some profits, benefits or advantages. This blessing is not bounded to any particular area of your life. That is, any aspect of it may be the one responsible for such good outcomes.

A horse rolling on the ground

Having a dream about seeing an incredibly small horse, such as a miniature or a dwarf horse, often means that you would be better off by setting your guard up. This is because some unfavorable circumstances or events may be about to be used against you by your enemies, competitors or adversaries. That is, an event or information may be used by ill-intended people to win advantage over you.

A miniature horse

Dreaming about jumping over barriers on a horse is usually a warning. You may be taking professional risk with the intent of solving some work-related issues or problems. However, these risks may have a lasting negative impact on your physical and emotional health. For example, your dangerous career-oriented acts or behavior may result in illness or burn-out symptoms.

Jumping over barriers on a horse

Dreams about seeing a horse with a very long mane, extending all the way down from the neck to the ground often is a warning. It frequently foretells some upcoming insult. Alternatively, you may be belittled. In both cases, the person offending you is likely to be a close and significant person, whom you truly trusted up until that moment.

A horse with a mane down to the ground

Dreaming that you are breeding horses is a positive vision. It often foretells the possibility of being able to resolve problems or issues which have been interfering with the smooth running of your life for quite a long time. That is, your current situation may finally be about to bear the desired fruits.

Breeding horses

Dreaming about a circus horse is an ambivalent sign. That is, it reveals to you that sometimes you might have a narcissist, hysteric or egotistic attitude. You may like to show yourself off to those around you, seeking their admiration, reverence or flattery. However worthy of attention you may be, such tendency may be acting to your disadvantage and prevent you from achieving true aspirations and objectives.

A circus horse

Dreaming that a horse is sinking in a swamp may reveal that there is hard work ahead of you. That is, you may be about to start a strenuous and demanding activity, project or task. Such occupation will require a great amount of effort, time and energy. You may have to fully commit yourself to it.

A horse sinking in a swamp

Dreaming of seeing or holding a horse skull is usually a negative sign. It may mean that you are about to experience an overwhelmingly difficult period. These hardships would affect every aspect of your life. Alternatively, the dream could translate upcoming health problems. These would be hard to overcome. In both cases, it may be that it will be difficult for you to move forward with your life for a while.

A horse skull

Dreaming about seeing a horse falling off the sky and turning into someone who is a stranger to you is a negative sign. It could mean a stranger may bring you some serious misfortune or disappointment. It could also mean that a sudden and unexpected event could make you temporarily unable to maintain your current affairs under control, and misfortune might soon follow.

A horse falling out of the sky

Dreaming that an inanimate horse returns to life, or of observing the stone sculpture of a horse become alive translates the possibility of going back to the pursuit of plans and projects you had already set aside or given up all together. That is, that which was supposedly dead re-lives once more, and will be the target of your renewed efforts.

An inanimate horse coming alive

Watching or riding a winged horse in a dream often indicates that you will occupy yourself with some creative writing. This occupation may consume some of your time, and help you to communicate with others in writing. You may become better able to verbally express your feelings. Alternatively, it may indicate that you will experience extremely good fortune and luck.

A winged horse

Dreaming about seeing a horse with a dog’s head is a good sign. Your overall well-being may improve. Simultaneously, or alternatively, the surrounding circumstances and events may bring you joy and pleasure.

A horse with a dog’s head

Dreams involving visions of a chimeric and illusory image of a two-legged horse often represent a positive achievement. In particular, you may be about to receive the respect and recognition from someone with a very close relation to you. For example, your relatives, your colleagues or your partner may come to admire you and your deeds.

Two-legged horse

A white horse can have positive or negative connotations depending on your situation in wake life. For young, unmarried women, a white horse moving towards your could represent finding a good marriage candidate in the near future. A horse moving away from her, then, means that she would remain single for a long time or that she is destined to become a spinster. For married people or those better established in life, a white horse coming towards them suggests they would be on the receiving end of someone’s righteous indignation, while a white horse moving away from them means they would be able to avoid such a conflict.

White horse

Being attacked by horses in the dream realm is an ill omen and should be considered a warning to be wary of your own judgement in certain matters. This symbol is often considered a metaphor for lacking reason or objectivity, leading to poor choices or rash decisions. It is imperative that you take this prophesy seriously, and use whatever tools and sources you have available to free yourself from making a huge mistake that could have negative repercussions both for yourself and those closest to you.

Horses attacking

First of all, the elevated rock is a symbol of your dream of achieving a stable future for yourself and your loved ones. The brown horse represents the brilliant idea that would propel you closer to your dreams. Perhaps an innovative strategy or a unique business venture would soon be funded that may become a lucrative source of income. On the other hand, the white horse poses a problem to your endeavors. Someone could file a complaint against you or oppose your moves towards implementing your plans. Achieving your goals is not without challenges but, as illustrated in your dream, you hold the reins of your life and it is within your power to steer your life in the direction you want it to go.

Two horses standing on a rock

Dreaming of swimming underwater reveals your inability to control your emotions. You may become overwhelmed by your feelings and urges so that you become irrational in the process. Similarly, the horses attacking you in this dream are symbolic of primal instincts and behavior which means that you are not thinking clearly. Your tendency towards thoughtless and reckless behavior could get you into serious trouble in the waking world.

Chased by horses underwater

Horses are strong and powerful animals often associated with wildness and independent spirit. Perhaps losing your horse as a result of it being eaten by another horse in your dream depicts your upcoming personal transformation. You could be on the verge of becoming less dependent on others and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. The part of the dream with the vision of a dog consuming your own dog may be a reference to a dog-eat-dog world. This means that you would have to undergo a lot of difficulties which would probably disillusion you and this would trigger the transformation you would inevitably go through.

Traveling by riding on a horse

The brown horse in your dream vision alludes to your willpower and determination. It could be a symbol for your resolve to become accomplished and successful in your chosen path or current endeavors. However, the men with their dogs may refer to an influential enemy who would strive to bring you down. The dogs, symbolizing loyalty and protection, represent your enemy’s allies in the plot to discredit or demotivate you. Perhaps you need to be more careful in dealing with suspicious characters.

Men killing a brown horse

Fences in dreams convey both positive and negative messages. Fences are often associated with protection from harm and privacy. They can also be seen as barriers, obstacles or confinement. In the context of your dream, the former interpretation may be more applicable because of the presence of an aggressive horse. Jumping or climbing over a fence denotes risky behavior, while an aggressive horse typically points to possible accidents during travels. Hence, your subconscious may be telling you to take extra care and control your impulsive tendencies, especially outside of your home, in order to avoid harmful incidents.

Horses by a fence and bitten by one

Trucks in dreams generally refer to problems and responsibilities. Their large and unwieldy qualities represent the difficulty of the challenges you may be dealing with. Meanwhile, horses symbolize strength and endurance. Perhaps you are entering a difficult time at work or even at home. Fortunately, you are motivated and focused enough to see this problem through to the end. Your will and perseverance would allow you to overcome this rough patch. This dream may manifest every time you are going through difficulties.

Maybe it is your mind’s way of mentally preparing you for the challenges ahead.

Pulling a truck with dark horses

The horses in your dream could symbolize a sort of primal, instinctive behavior inherent to animals which could be clouding your judgment and may therefore be a sign that you are not thinking clearly while making major decisions. You could be prone to reckless behavior that could be detrimental not only to yourself, but also those you are close to you, eventually getting you into serious trouble in the waking world. This dream could be a call for you to fight your irrationality and try to think clearly about the issues affecting you or your loved ones.

Chased to be killed by horses

Horses are usually a symbol of energy and sexual prowess, so a horse walking up to your open window could mean that there is someone in your waking life who has such characteristics and who is interested in making contact with you. This could be a co-worker, a friend, even a stranger, but certainly someone whom you have noticed before and who has inspired such feelings or desires within you. The notion that the window was open could mean you could be already available for his or her advances.

A horse head through the window

Dreaming about seeing a horse inside your house is symbolic of soon receiving some new information from a close acquaintance or friend. The notion of finding the horse sleeping in your bed could also indicate that this news could be related to some intimate details or sensitive information you want to keep to yourself. Perhaps your romantic affair with someone could turn sour or the person you are interested in meeting or dating will reject you for reasons soon to be revealed to you.

A horse in bed

Envisioning a white horse pulling a white cart may predict entering into a highly advantageous marriage. Young women on occasion see white horses before finding good spouses, and the addition of a cart could also suggest the groom would be of a high social standing, fabulously rich or both. The lightning strike, however, could mean your happiness would not last long if you are not careful. While it is nice to have a financially stable and high-ranking partner, do not forget to make sure you actually like him. A marriage to someone slightly less affluent may be more successful in the end if your personalities mesh together better.

A white horse, president and a lightning

The horses in your dream represent primitive urges and sexual desire. So, seeing a man teaching the horses to pray reveals your efforts at suppressing your urges. For some reason, you feel ashamed about some of your compulsions and yearnings. Perhaps the white fence is the reason for your shame because it represents barriers and confinement. Religious beliefs, strict values are just some of the possible interpretations of the white fence and the sources of your guilt. You have to find out whether what you want is actually bad or perhaps it just goes against your faith or values.

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