Dream Interpretation of Face

Dream Interpretation of Face

What does it meaning Face in the dream?

The face is the part of the body most associated with personal identity. It is where the emotions are shown, and where information is gathered and exchanged. It is also the part of the body that has the most to do with communication. Dreams about the face reflect all these elements.

If you dream that your face is covered, this is an indication that you are hiding your true identity or feelings.
If you dream that someone else’s face is covered, this may indicate that this person is being dishonest or disingenuous with you. It may also indicate that you do not really trust the person, or that you do not know him/her as well as you think you do.

To dream of a face represents the personality. Ugly faces represent negative aspects of your personality or things you don’t like about yourself. Beautiful faces represent positive aspects of your personality or things that you do like about yourself. When you dream of a face it may reflect your awareness of personality changes in yourself or others.

To dream of a face well-known or stranger expressed the proximity of an encounter, contact or dialogue important. A face means a difficulty or fight to make in front to front without limitations.

Dreaming of a face well-known and pleasant is expressed something perfect, well thought and planned that it will contribute good things.

If you dream of a face unknown and unpleasant you will be able to discover something hidden in your company when conversing with an unknown person during a journey for a park.Currently, this type of dream allows to know something or to make a decision that you ignored and that it will open you many doors or possibilities. It could include it to give or to need help, to specify or to improve a situation or to head a social obligation.

Faces represent the true side of the dreamers personality. Unfortunately when face is? recognized it is usually distorted, disfigured, injured or blurry – a symbol that implies harboring unconscious negative feelings about ones own image.

If you are cleaning your face it represents you want to come out and express your true self and wash the dirt off your reputation.

Seeing a face can be the objective idea of ‘facing’ something or ‘keeping face’. The symbolism associated with the face can suggest issues related to self-esteem and the expression of your unique qualities

A beautiful face

Seeing a beautiful face, with features resembling someone you find attractive in real life or perhaps a celebrity you find particularly good-looking, means things are about to look up for you. Specifically, you may finally be able to go on that vacation you have been looking forward to. After working hard with the daily grind, you can anticipate a period of leisure and relaxation, most likely with your loved ones. You may even spend time with friends or family you have not seen for a while, so this is a great time to catch up and and enjoy each other’s company.

A beautiful face

An ugly, unattractive or angry face, perhaps when it is the face of someone you know or a complete stranger who is scowling or contorting their face to appear horrible, predicts an upcoming bout of depression due to a series of disappointments or unfortunate circumstances. Others may be to blame for your sulking behavior. Perhaps friends or colleagues are being too critical and harsh, even to the point of making personal attacks and insults. On the other hand, this may also stem from your own insolence and lack of sensitivity towards others.

Unattractive or angry face

Dreaming of inspecting your own face, perhaps in front of a mirror after taking a bath or shower, means you are entering a lucky period or would soon experience favorable circumstances especially if you found your face to be flawless. You could fall in love, find a job you are passionate about or get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. However, if there were imperfections on your face, such as scars or acne, then you may have to contend with disappointments and personal failures so be prepared.

Inspecting your own face

The appearance of a stranger’s face in your dream, perhaps someone who stands out among a group of friends and other familiar faces while you are hanging out, means you may suffer an upcoming misfortune which could leave you an emotional wreck. It would take its toll on you, manifesting both physically and psychologically, to the point where you would be unfit to manage your day-to-day duties or obligations. You may have to take some personal time off to clear your head and heal your soul.

A stranger’s face

Seeing your face in the mirror, in the bathroom or the mirror on your dresser while getting ready to go out, signifies your dissatisfaction about the progress you are making on a project or a big life goal you are targeting. Perhaps this partly due to your indolence or inability to prioritize. You may be constantly tempted to give in to hedonistic pursuits. Alternatively, this could also predict an upcoming illness which would set back your timeline yet again. Fortunately, it is likely minor and you would be back to your optimal health before you know it.

Your face in the mirror

Seeing a face on its own, such as one that is detached from the body or without the other body parts present, is a sign of positive transformation likely due to your personal growth. Trials may force you to assess your strengths and weaknesses which would jump start your journey to maturity. The lessons you learn from your past experiences as well as your increased self-awareness would allow you to be more confident and consequently enjoy more success in your waking life.

A face on its own

Washing your face, such as with the water from the faucet or the clean waters of a river or stream, reveals your desire to cleanse yourself or absolve yourself of a mistake you made. You may have committed certain actions that harmed others and this is making you feel guilty. In addition, you may be trying hard to redeem yourself or be forgiven by the people you have wronged. Either you are contemplating making a personal apology or taking corrective measures to counteract the damage you may have caused.

Washing your face

The presence of a face which is either fully or partially blocked by something, such as shelves or the leaves of a plant that is between you and this person, means you would finally receive news about something you have been waiting for. Unfortunately, this news would turn out to be disheartening or thoroughly devastating. As such, the image of a face that is obstructed from your view represents the frustrating feeling of being so close to achieving your goals and just missing the mark during that final few steps.

A face blocked by something

A face in the water which is not a reflection, such as a person submerged and holding his breath underwater, is a bad omen for the person you see in the water. In worst case scenarios, this portends the death of that person due to a freak accident or unexpected tragedy. As such, the fact that the face is underwater means the person is likely not breathing, so this similar struggle would occur in reality when that person would have to fight to survive after sustaining life-threatening injuries.

A face in the water

Encountering someone bearing the same face as yours, like a doppelganger or a clone but just the face and the rest of the body differs from yours, means you are weighing your options and trying to come up with the best possible resolution to a problem or the most strategic action for a certain situation. It could be a work-related conundrum or a personal issue you are grappling with. In addition, if you are looking at the face closely or up close, then it may take a while before you find a suitable way or make a decision.

Someone with your face

A very pale face in dreams, like the pallor close to a corpse that could be your own face or of someone else you know in reality, means you may succumb to a contagious or immune system-related disease. You may have to be quarantined or isolated either to avoid infecting others or to keep dirt and bacteria from aggravating your condition. Your recovery may take a while, so you may have to spend quite a bit of time away from your friends and loved ones. You would also be unable to work in your condition.

A pale face

Dreaming that you have a very beautiful or attractive face, like a more flawless version of your actual face or perhaps having enhanced features to accentuate your beauty, portends a happy and fulfilling family life, especially when it comes to children. You would likely have a very healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with your children, allowing them to blossom into responsible adults.

If you do not have children of your own yet, then the same outcome would likely happen to the children you would bear in the future.

Having a beautiful face

Dreaming that your face looks different, perhaps some parts like your nose and lips are bigger or smaller than your actual features, means you may be expecting major changes in your life as a result of self-reflection. This may happen because certain people in your life, friends or family, may call you out on your bad behavior or character flaws. For example, if you are rather reckless and irresponsible, then this may be a turning point for you as you make a conscious effort to improve yourself.

Your face looking different

Seeing or scrutinizing the face of someone you know, such as the face of your significant other, a sibling or a parent, means the relationship between you and this person is likely going to get worse. You are likely already at odds with each other but you still tend to be civil or play nice around one another. However, an encounter or event may highlight your personality differences or opposing views and beliefs which would result in a clash. Moreover, the more defined or sharp the facial features appear, the sooner this conflict or rift would happen in reality.

The face of someone you know

Dreaming of seeing the image of a face together with the body denotes positive emotions and circumstances. Specifically, this symbol is associated with wisdom and optimism. This can also stand for love and a zest for life. You may be the type of person who likes to learn from failures and negative experiences. But instead of becoming jaded or cynical, you choose to look at things from a brighter perspective.

If you are not currently in this disposition, then this vision refers to a change of heart. An experience or an encounter with someone could make you start being more hopeful and generally happier.

A face with the body

To dream of seeing some other person’s face in the mirror alludes to the inevitable revelation of information you have been trying to withhold from others. You could be caught up in the politics at work or even within your social group that you had to mask your motivations in order to protect your interests and maintain your social standing. Unfortunately, someone would see through your facade and divulge your true intentions. The problem is, even if your intentions are good, there are those who would immediately chastise you for your lack of sincerity and deceptive actions.

Someone’s face in the mirror

Finding yourself in a crowd of many faces or surrounded by numerous faces is a dream scenario associated with geographical or social change. The geographical aspect has to do with relocation to or possibly vacationing in a far-off country. The social aspect means you may become a part of a new social circle which would change the course of the path you are currently taking. In certain cases, both interpretations are relevant and even connected. Perhaps in the course of your relocation or travels, you would meet new personalities who would open you up to new ideas and exciting opportunities.

Many faces around

Envisioning yourself looking intently at your friend’s face means a major personal milestone may be about to happen. It is possible that your friend would soon be getting married and you would have a significant role in this momentous occasion. It could also refer to other major life events, such as pregnancy or migrating to another country. You may have sensed changes in your friend during the waking hours and those are being projected into your subconscious. As such, looking closely at the face means you are looking for a clue to rationalize or even validate your gut feel.

Looking at friend’s face

If you are putting makeup on your face in a dream vision, it means you are probably ashamed about something. Makeup conceals imperfections and enhances beauty. As such, this act could reveal your fear of being criticized or ridiculed for your appearance or your actions. You could have committed bad decisions lately and you are afraid of being found out. Alternatively, maybe you are also not comfortable or confident enough in your own skin that you feel the need to hide your flaws and put on a facade for others. In some cases, this can also be interpreted as defiance. You are getting ready to face challenges or thwart your rivals, so you are putting on your best face, so to speak.

Putting makeup on the face

Having a sweaty face in a dream, perhaps after a workout or due to exerting effort to overcome an obstacle, is a symbol of triumph over adversity. There is also some luck attributed to this symbol in relation to the speedy resolution of your problems. Of course, your quick wit and dogged perseverance are also major factors for overcoming the difficulties you would face. You may have faced a lot of hardship before so you are no longer easily fazed. What is special about this circumstance is that your rivals or detractors may back away on their own volition just by hearing your reputation of not giving up easily even if the odds are against you.

A sweaty face

Meeting or encountering someone in a dream who happens to have two faces is an allusion to possible deception. You could meet an individual in reality who would turn out to be deceitful. This is the type of individual who projects a trustworthy and charming personality in order to win your good graces. Unfortunately, if you are not too careful and you let your guard down, there is a strong chance that you would be betrayed or backstabbed. Look out for suspicious characters at your workplace or places you frequent because their friendliness may be a mask for questionable motives and vested interests.

Someone having two faces

To dream of seeing a face with an ulcer or covered in sores denotes hardship. This is usually applicable to children, which means your kids could undergo a tumultuous period. This is especially relevant to male children, so if you have a son, you may want to observe his recent actions and behavior for signs of stress or depression. On the other hand, if you do not have children, then the difficulties could fall upon your neighbor’s kids or children you have a close relationship with, such as your nephews or godson. The state of the face is a metaphor for the pain they would have to endure.

A face with an ulcer

Seeing the image of a face covered or hidden by hair is associated with legalities or justice in dreams.

If you experience this dream vision, there is a likelihood that you would get involved in legal issues. You may have to participate in court litigation or legal proceedings to resolve a major issue in your life. The face is hidden behind hair because it symbolizes the obscurity of truth. The personalities and characters you would encounter during the proceedings you have to attend may not be fully truthful. You would have to learn how to navigate the dynamics of this world in order for you to get your way.

A face hidden by hair

A dirty face in dreams reveals your lack of enthusiasm. You may have lost interest in activities or people you previously hung out with. This growing boredom may originate from a sense of powerlessness and futility. Perhaps you used to dream big and held an optimistic outlook in life, and yet no matter how much effort you exert, success seems so hard to reach. As such, you may have lost the motivation to keep fighting for what you want. On the other hand, this can also reflect the poverty you are experiencing. This experience may be personal or external. You may have observed the deteriorating living conditions in your area and this is affecting your mental state.

A dirty face

Dreaming that your face turns red foretells misfortune. The facial color, whether it is painted red or just inexplicably crimson, is a warning of threat or danger. You may have to deal with a lot of problems in the near future that would give you a lot of stress and suffering. A red face can also refer to shame. There may be a situation or incident which could give you a whole of embarrassment, perhaps even tarnishing your credibility and reputation. This dream vision could be your mind’s way of making you more cautious with your words and actions to avoid getting into compromising situations.

Your own face being red

To dream that your face looks younger and more beautiful than your real-world appearance is an allusion to happiness. It means that satisfaction and contentment are within your reach. In dream visions, a beautiful face can represent inner peace and acceptance of personal flaws or shortcomings. As such, achieving happiness may be rooted in your ability to make the most of what you have or the resources available to you. It can also refer to health and wellness. So if you are suffering from an illness, then you can expect to recover quite soon.

Your face looking younger and beautiful

If your face appears older and gaunt in your dream, then perhaps you are experiencing a difficult time. You may be feeling much older than your actual age because of the responsibilities and duties you have to attend to on a daily basis. It is also a symbol of exhaustion. Perhaps you need to take a break to get back your groove and perform at your best again. This dream vision can also represent a possible health issue. You could come down with a flu or catch something contagious. This can also be related to your level of stress. Too much stress could lower your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness.

Your face looking older

Scratches on your face are associated with malice and saving face in dreams. The scratches symbolize damage to your reputation. This could stem from malicious rumors being spread about you in your social circle. These rumors could potentially ruin your reputation and put your career in a precarious position. Even if the rumors are not necessarily true, they may still sow seeds of doubt and make your friends or colleagues question your integrity. Alternatively, scratches can also allude to failure. You would mess up some projects or tasks you are currently handling. Failing at your responsibilities would consequently make others trust you less.

Scratches on your face

To see your face appear unnaturally or excessively attractive and beautiful conveys a bad omen in dreams. This may reveal your tendency to take too much risks even though others have given you sound advice based on facts. This risky behavior and reckless decision-making may lead to a tragic occurrence or even a possible accident. Your face in this dream vision likely represents your irrational belief in your invincibility. This could be the reason why you keep pushing your luck. Unfortunately, your luck may run out soon so it would be in your best interest to be a little more circumspect with your actions and decisions.

Your face excessively beautiful

Seeing the face of a deranged or crazy person is a negative dream symbol. This may have been a face you have seen in a horror movie, a Halloween costume you saw somewhere or a creepy-looking person you encountered on the streets. In such cases, the image of a crazy person usually portends material and financial losses due to irrational risk-taking or reckless decisions. The crazy person is likely a representation of your careless or brash side. Perhaps when you feel emotional, you tend to allow your emotions to get the better of you. Unfortunately, your inability to manage your temper could lead to regrettable decisions. Similarly, being in a good mood may also make you feel invincible and more agreeable which some unscrupulous personalities could take advantage of.

Face of a crazy person

Dreaming of seeing specks of dust on your face suggests shameful behavior. Perhaps in the dream you were walking on a dusty road and got dirt all over your face or you blew off a film of dust off old books or objects and some of the particles stuck to your face. In such instances, the dirt means you may be feeling remorse or guilt for taking part in a questionable deal or an immoral activity. You may have given in to temptation despite your reservations and now your subconscious is forcing you to reflect on your wrongful actions. Alternatively, you may have not yet broken any rules, but perhaps you are harboring a negative thought or perverted idea which is nagging your conscience. In order to clear your conscience, you may have to confront your own demons.

Dust on your face

To dream of seeing a face while looking through a glass, perhaps a window or a glass wall, points to impending burnout. You may be pushing your mind and body to their limit because of a demanding project or a looming deadline at work. Unfortunately, you could be driving yourself to exhaustion which means your performance would inevitably suffer. Your impaired mental and physical state due to fatigue could result in more errors that would slow down your progress. You cannot carry all the burden yourself, so perhaps you need to lighten your load by delegating some tasks or asking for a reasonable extension in order to maintain the quality of your work.

A face through a glass

A face covered with cloth is a bad omen in dreams. It means that the person underneath that cloth may soon die in reality. This is especially alarming if the covered face appears in a morgue-like environment. There is a chance that you may have sensed something off in the waking world and your subconscious is projecting this warning into your dream visions so you can act accordingly.

Maybe you can warn this person to be more careful in case he or she develops health issues or gets in a serious accident.

Face covered with cloth

Envisioning a face covered with stains, like a birthmark or an unidentified substance, means you may come across valuable insights. You may have reached a wall in your current project and you do not know how to proceed. A lack of new ideas and strategies probably stalled your planned completion, so you have been contemplating whether to go on or just quit. Fortunately, this dream vision suggests a eureka moment, giving you the momentum you need to push forward with your project.

If the stain-covered face belongs to someone you know in reality, then perhaps this individual would be instrumental in giving you that much-needed boost.

A face covered with stains

A grimy or unwashed face is an ambivalent dream symbol. On one hand, it could mean you would receive a piece of news or information about someone who lives far away. This may come in the form of a letter, either an email or the post. On the other hand, this same dream vision may be an allusion to a health issue, particularly food poisoning. Trying to be polite and tasting food offered by someone you do not know very well could seriously backfire.

If you are unsure about how food was prepared or how sanitary a restaurant is, then better err on the safe side.

Unwashed face

Envisioning a person who likes you with a blurred, unclear face may reveal that there is currently some miscommunication or impediment to a deeper connection with them. For example, one of you may already be seeing someone in wake life. Alternatively, you may have some preconceived notions about this man or woman which prevents you from considering them a potential romantic partner. Perhaps you need to reexamine your prejudices in this case.

A person who likes you with a blurred face

Being confronted by a faceless being or individual in the dream world alludes to deceit and possible envy from someone in your social circle. This personality may be putting up a friendly disposition and hiding his or her true colors to gain your trust. Alternatively, the faceless figure may represent your own identity crisis. You could be faced with several different paths to take and you are unsure about what you really want to pursue at this point in your personal journey.

A faceless person

The marks you saw on your back represent the anger and frustration you would feel as as result of someone’s actions against you. It is possible the other person would say or do something harsh or inappropriate, either as an accident or on purpose, which would cause you distress. However, seeing the marks grow and develop a mind of their own suggests you would let your negative feelings take control of you. You could hurt others, like your mother, if you lash out at them for no reason other than your own bad attitude.

Something with a face growing on the back

Lucid dreams reveal your ability to change the direction of your life. These types of dreams often occur when the dreamer wants to alter certain aspects of their existence, whether it is a career path or taking a relationship to the next level. In your dream vision, the mechanical face symbolizes a part of you that feels limited or controlled by authority figures. You feel you do not have the freedom to pursue your interests, so this is your subconscious encouraging you to rescue yourself from a life of subservience and subordination.

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