Dream Interpretation of Door Closer

Dream Interpretation of Door Closer

What does it meaning Door Closer in the dream?

To dream of a mechanical door closer represents closure to some area of your life that is safe or comfortable. A door closer may reflect having extra time or a safer transition. Not having to confront a harsh reality all at once.

Dreaming of a door closer and colored of red is omened the approach of a very wanted person that it can end up being a great love. A door closer in a dream means the solution or exit of problems and difficulties.

If you dream of an open and illuminated door closer it symbolizes happiness in an immediate future.

To dream of an old and broken door closer represents the necessity to give a productive and interesting advice to a friend that is in problems.First, the dream about a door closer means at the same time that somebody needs your help at this time.

If it crosses the door closer in the dream it expresses the intention of experiencing an adventure now in your life.

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