Dream Interpretation of Cross Dressing

Dream Interpretation of Cross Dressing

What does it meaning Cross Dressing in the dream?

To dream that you or another person is a cross dressing insinuates insecurity, desire of to show in a not very common way or to express all the qualities of her personality. A cross dressing symbolizes coexistence of opposed elements as the yin and the yang, the feminine thing and the masculine thing as complementary aspects.

Dreaming of a cross dressing sat down on your bed is alerted of a contradictory and not very common great moment of emotion for you that go away a task or management wanted by you for long time.

If you dream of a cross dressing sat down in the porch of your house in silent and inexpressive you will have tensions with your couple for sexual informal, satisfactory and amusing situations that will put in danger your stable relationship.Finally, the dream with a cross dressing could reflect the short term execution of something that will be able to be expensive long term, because it will damage the quality of your life mainly. Without doubts, this dream spreads to develop feelings and behaviors more individual or particular.

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