Dream Interpretation of Cocker Spaniel

Dream Interpretation of Cocker Spaniel

What does it meaning Cocker Spaniel in the dream?

To dream of a cocker spaniel represents a good company, a visit of a near friend, a friendship or a next truth to toast to a private matter or public. A cocker spaniel symbolizes seriousness and stability in the word given with generosity.

Dreaming of a cocker spaniel enjoying the room of your house it omens your security and peace on the part of people that you estimate very much.

If you dream of a cocker spaniel playing in your office you will elevate your personal popularity between colleagues, employees and clients in the next months.By the way, this type of dream advises to eliminate the ignorance or the inability of all professional or family activities. Not forget, it is impossible to be friendly or honest maintaining uncertain approaches for a lot of time.

To dream of a cocker spaniel represents emotional protection through friendliness or companionship. Liking people and wanting to spend time with them. Keeping yourself safe by being with others or being part of a group. Trying your best to be likable.

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