Dream Interpretation of Blackboard

Dream Interpretation of Blackboard

What does it meaning Blackboard in the dream?

To dream of a blackboard symbolizes knowledge, wisdom and recall of matters, topics and important memories for your life of work or familiar. A blackboard also points out a problem or litigation with which you tripped during your childhood or youth.

If you dream of a blackboard small for the game of the children in their houses you will be able to manage your personal memories carefully with relatives that will visit you in some days.

Dreaming of a blackboard big to give classes in a school is omened an invitation you to take some training to improve your preparation like operator of your company.Frequently, the dream about a blackboard stimulates or advises to take new roads in the life related with the work, the social relationships or a change of house. However, the observation of the dream is here very important to avoid bad interpretations.

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