Dream Interpretation of Band-Aid

Dream Interpretation of Band-Aid

What does it meaning Band-Aid in the dream?

To dream of a band-aid represents momentary solution, devises or superficial repair to a problem. A band-aid symbolizes to give immediate answer to an uncomfortable situation.

If you dream of a band-aid in yours hands you will solve without problems the electricity lack from your house when you arrive of the work lowering the switch of the breaker.

Dreaming of a band-aid stick to your heel is alerted not going too quick in the carry out of managerial actions current; could be very dangerous for your company.In fact, this kind of dream advises calm and tranquility to solve an issue or problem very simple.

If you not take with the things it could worsen the situation without doubts. Only think that you will carry out a temporary solution that it will stop your worry at the moment.

To dream of a Band-Aid represents something you’re doing to feel better about a problem. Not wanting to notice something negative again. A temporary solution that frees you from caring all the time.

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