Dream Interpretation of Asphalt

Dream Interpretation of Asphalt

What does it meaning Asphalt in the dream?

To dream of the asphalt means that it feels security at this time in your business project. The asphalt in a dream is related with the solitude, the lack of communication or the nostalgia.

If you dreams of the asphalt of the street of your house it symbolizes that it will feel the control of other people in a conflict inside your work space soon.

Dreaming of the asphalt is omened a solid and persevering road toward your future life.At first, the dream about the asphalt is like viscous, sticky material and of black color you were related with the magic and bad prophecies. It has been demonstrated that it is a compact mixture that waterproofs any type of negative feeling that can arrive to your person.

Smooth asphalt surface

Walking on smooth asphalt surface symbolizes tranquility and contentment. You will experience that much needed peace and quiet, and this will revitalize you before you enter another stage in your life.

Smooth asphalt surface

Walking on uneven asphalt surface symbolizes disappointments. You will experience a low period in your life as you face some big upsets that may dampen your mood for a while. You may also regret some of the decisions or events that happened in the past and this may pull you down for a while.

Uneven asphalt surface

Walking on dirty or unclean asphalt surface covered with litter tells you that you will suffer an illness or a health condition that may directly have an impact on your life in the near future. This may hinder you from doing certain activities or continuing some of the things you love to do.

Dirty or unclean asphalt surface

Seeing construction workers laying asphalt on the road is a symbol of promise. Whatever you are experiencing right now will turn for the better and you will be in a more favorable position very soon.

Laying asphalt on road

Getting stains from asphalt on your clothing or on your hands is a warning that you may be involved in prolonged talks or discussions with your loved ones. These may eventually become potential conflicts with your family, because you are unable to reach any conclusion that will be favorable to all.

Getting stains from asphalt

Leaving footprints in fresh asphalt means that you will be blamed or held responsible for bad behavior that will be discovered by people who are in your social circle. Your reputation will be marred in the process and you may be left to redeem yourself in the eyes of other people.

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