Dollhouse Dream Meaning

Dollhouse Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Dollhouse in the dream?

To see or play with a dollhouse in your dream suggests that you are idealizing a situation in your life. An area of your life where you believe that everything needs to be perfect or problem-free. A perfect and idealized view of home life or idealized view of your own personality. Negatively, you may be in denial about your problems or have problems asserting control.

To dream of a dollhouse indicates the aspects of your life of family that are necessary to assist, to change or to improve with your attitude or concern. A dollhouse could also be a way with which you could accept or to change a problem that you have today.

If you dream of a dollhouse small and very detailed you will be careful in the treatment of your children and of your couple when receiving all information of the health them.

Dreaming of a dollhouse big and rustic is alerted to take care in the way of communicating with your relatives and friends when giving an opinion or advice.Not often, the dream about a dollhouse offers an opportunity or a help to the character and the education of people towards family, friends and other fellowship. For you it could be an opportunity to do in a mirror your limitations and defects personal with a great details.

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