Cupid Dream Meaning

Cupid Dream Meaning

What does it meaning Cupid in the dream?

To dream of cupid represents you or someone else that makes other people have to care about each other. Behavior or situations that are purposely forcing others to like each other. Interfering in others affairs to get them closer to each other. Cupid may also reflect coincidences that force people to spend time together.

Cupid arrows piercing your heart

To see Cupid arrows piercing your heart from a Cupid flying around you is a sign of your fears and reluctance to start a new love affair because of negative past experiences after being offended and hurt.

Cupid arrows piercing your heart

To dream about a flying cupid soaring above and around you is a warning to ignore or be very careful about the next romantic opportunity coming to you because it may end up creating a lot of trouble.

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